About Us

Our Mission

At Glozine, our mission revolves around guiding you to the essentials that truly count. Year after year, we conduct thorough, independent assessments of countless products, enabling you to discover precisely what suits your requirements. Our ultimate aim is to streamline your shopping experience, relieving you of the time-consuming and nerve-wracking aspects of the process, whether you’re seeking everyday essentials or thoughtful gifts for those dear to you.

We are dedicated to becoming the most reliable source for product recommendations, and we take immense pride in our unwavering editorial independence. Our commitment is clear: no recommendation will ever appear on our platform unless it has undergone stringent scrutiny and testing by our team of dedicated writers and editors, who tirelessly strive to identify the very best options for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Since our launch in 2015, we’ve meticulously evaluated an extensive array of products, totaling hundreds of thousands in number. Our commitment has always been to recommend only those products we would personally choose to buy. Our rigorous process begins with extensive research and initial product testing, culminating in the selection of our top choices within a given category. Our team of editors dedicates days, sometimes even weeks, to this task, delving deep into research, scrutinizing consumer feedback, studying competitor reviews, procuring and examining products firsthand, and subjecting them to real-world daily use scenarios.

Each review is composed by one or more editors who boast several years of expertise in their respective fields. Our editors have previously worked with renowned brands such as Cosmopolitan, Travel & Leisure, Parenting.com, USAToday.com, NYMag.com, PC Mag, and many others. Their extensive experience ensures that our reviews are not only well-informed but also finely attuned to the specific nuances of their respective verticals.

Before any review goes live to our audience, it undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by multiple professionals within our organization. This includes a thorough review by a photo editor to ensure visually appealing and accurate representation, a copy editor to fine-tune the written content, a top editor to maintain the highest editorial standards, and our site director to oversee the final approval process. This meticulous review process guarantees that our content is not only fully accurate but also readily accessible to consumers.

In addition to our comprehensive review process, we frequently conduct in-house product photography sessions. This allows us to provide consumers with a unique and often exclusive firsthand look at newly released gadgets and trending products. Our goal is to give you insights into these products that go beyond mere speculation, helping you make informed decisions about their efficacy and value.

How Does Glozine Provide Free Reviews?

The Glozine business model generates revenue in two ways. The first is by using affiliate links. Each product reviewed on this site also has a link to online marketplace where it can be purchased. Glozine receives a portion of proceeds from any purchase made via these links.

The second way is that Glozine is owned and operated by a company that has ownership interest in some of the products listed in our reviews. These products are noted as such whenever they are listed.

We feel that this organizational structure helps maintain reliable reviews. For example, if an online shopper were to purchase a product through one of our links and ended up returning that product for a refund, we would neither receive revenue from their sale nor would it help the credibility of our review. This model aligns our interests with consumers by ensuring that only the best products, dictated by the consumers themselves, are reviewed on our site.