ADDTabz Review: A Detailed Look at this Nootropic Supplement

Explore our comprehensive ADDTabz review to uncover the facts, benefits, and potential drawbacks of this popular cognitive enhancer.

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Updated :Dec 25, 2023
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In the realm of cognitive enhancement, a multitude of products vie for the attention of consumers seeking to boost their mental performance. Among these, ADDTabz, a product of Lexium International, stands out as a nootropic supplement that promises a host of benefits.

ADDTabz Reviews aims to offer a thorough and impartial assessment by exploring its composition, potential benefits, and any associated cautions to consider. Particularly, we will address the presence of synthetic amphetamines in its formula, a point that has raised questions about its classification as a non-prescription supplement. Stay with us as we unwrap the reality behind ADDTabz, a product that aims to cater to those grappling with attention deficit disorders and anyone in need of cognitive enhancement.

What is ADDTabz?

ADDTabz is a dietary supplement designed to enhance cognitive function by utilizing natural ingredients to bolster key brain chemicals. By doing so, it aims to improve memory, learning capabilities, and mood. It contains caffeine, a well-known stimulant that not only boosts energy levels but also enhances exercise performance and sharpens alertness and attention. While ADDTabz does justify its claims with some scientific grounding, it falls short of including certain key nootropic components.

Marketed as a substitute for Adderall, ADDTabz may benefit individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) by lengthening attention spans and augmenting focus over extended periods. The appeal of such Adderall alternatives lies in their fewer side effects, affordability, and over-the-counter availability.

ADDTabz also comprises a specialized form of folic acid, a fundamental nutrient for brain health. This addition underscores the brand’s commitment to improving mental function in a safe, effective, and accessible manner.


About the Brand

Lexium International, formerly known as Gentech Pharmaceuticals, is a reputable name in the pharmaceutical industry with a business span of approximately 25 years in the US and the UK. Their primary focus is on pharmaceutical research, and they specialize in the formulation, production, and distribution of nootropic supplements designed to enhance cognitive function and support mental performance.

The company’s product line includes ADDTabz and PhenTabz, sold directly through its official website. Despite not being accredited by the Better Business Bureau® (BBB), Gentech Pharmaceutical maintains an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 on the popular customer review platform, Trustpilot. This rating reflects a range of customer experiences, both positive and negative, with the company’s products and services.

Key Ingredients in ADDTabz

addtabz supplement facts

Caffeine Anhydrous

Firstly, Caffeine Anhydrous is a dehydrated version of caffeine, providing more potent stimulation of the central nervous system. It enhances energy, mental focus, and alertness — even improving physical performance. Furthermore, it aids fat-burning and potential weight loss by accelerating metabolism. A research report provides evidence for the neurocognitive-enhancing advantages of the subject and ultimately asserts that it leads to a reorganization of functional connectivity within the brain.

Choline Bitartrate

The Choline Bitartrate in the blend is a nutrient necessary for synthesizing phospholipids, which are required for healthy neural functioning and connectivity. It is also a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, crucial for learning and memory. A report by Barbara E. Slack, PhD in NCBI Report discusses this nutrient’s neuroactive effects.

Synephrine Hydrochloride

Synephrine Hydrochloride is a stimulant-burner that energizes you by burning fat, though combining it with caffeine may pose mild hypertension and palpitation risks. It’s commonly found in dietary supplements promoted for energy enhancement or weight-loss assistance.

Octopamine Hydrochloride

Octopamine Hydrochloride, another chemical found in bitter orange, is often used as an athletic performance enhancer, weight management supplement, and stimulant. However, it’s worth noting that it’s banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for use in competitive sports.

Folic Acid

Lastly, Folic Acid — vitamin B9 — is key in healthy cell growth and development and the production of red blood cells. The article published in the “Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience” journal delves into the impact of folic acid supplementation on memory improvement. Also, there’s evidence that it may slow age-related cognitive decline and improve memory, supported by a study on rats by Shooshtari, Moazedi, and Parham in the Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences.

Most of the ADDTabz formula consists of unverified stimulants and substances resembling norepinephrine. This pattern is commonly observed in nootropics that assert to replicate the effects of Adderall.

In conclusion, while ADDTabz offers several benefits due to the active ingredients, it’s essential to remember that despite the company’s marketing, it isn’t a direct alternative to Adderall. Its main constituents are lower-level stimulants such as Caffeine and Choline, which, while beneficial, do not provide extreme cognitive enhancement. CDP Choline, in particular, is more useful when used in conjunction with caffeine or a racetam.

Pros and Cons of ADDTabz


  • ADDTabz may boost overall cognitive functioning.
  • The supplement could improve memory.
  • ADDTabz enhances learning ability.
  • It may elevate the user’s mood.
  • ADDTabz might sharpen attention and mental focus.
  • Contains choline supplements, which aid cognition.
  • Contains Folic Acid which is known to support optimal brain function.
  • Some users have provided positive reviews.
  • The key active ingredient is listed.
  • It may start working quickly.
  • Lexium International, the manufacturer, is a reputable company.
  • It may be a cheaper alternative to ADD/ADHD prescription medication.


  • ADDTabz is expensive.
  • It’s missing some popular natural nootropic ingredients.
  • According to some users and the ingredients’ profile, this product is not a true alternative to Adderall.
  • The product doesn’t contain any amphetamine/synthetic amphetamine though names its Proprietary Blend “Ampheta”, which seems to be misleading.
  • It’s only available online or from a physician.
  • The refund policy is limited.
  • All relevant information is completely missing from the official website.
  • The formula contains synephrine hydrochloride, a potentially dangerous stimulant.
  • It’s marketed as an Adderall substitute, but it shares no similarities with Adderall.


How Does It Work?

ADDTabz, marketed as a natural alternative to popular ‘smart drugs’, raises numerous red flags due to its composition and potential side effects. The product contains a high concentration of stimulants, which are not only unproven but also pose a risk of adverse reactions. Furthermore, the dosages remain undisclosed, leading to the assumption that the main component might be caffeine, or in a worst-case scenario, synephrine, a substance associated with significant health risks.

The presence of two cholinergic ingredients, CDP-Choline and Choline bitartrate, in the same product is puzzling. Both these substances serve a similar function, with one being more effective than the other. However, neither is likely present in adequate amounts. Considering the proprietary blend’s total weight of 375mg, it is improbable that ADDTabz contains the minimum effective dose of Choline bitartrate, which is around 400mg. And given the higher cost of CDP-Choline, it’s doubtful that the supplement includes the effective 200mg dosage.

Consequently, ADDTabz seems to fall short in delivering on its promise as a reliable nootropic. Various reviews support this notion, labeling ADDTabz as a scam and less than ideal for those seeking focus or natural ADHD remedies. The supplement’s potential side effects, primarily due to its substantial caffeine content and the inclusion of the unproven stimulants synephrine and octopamine, further tarnish its appeal.

Notably, the product features octopamine, a neurotransmitter found in invertebrates and untested on humans, raising questions about its safety and appropriateness for human consumption. Lastly, the simultaneous use of two cholinergics raises eyebrows, especially when better alternatives are available in the market.

In summary, anyone considering a nootropic for focus or a natural alternative to ADHD drugs should exercise caution and consider other, safer options before resorting to ADDTabz. The product, as it stands, appears to fall short in efficacy, safety, and transparency.

Alternatives to ADDTabz

1. Claritox Pro:
Claritox Pro, with an impressive rating of 4.9, is recognized for its multifaceted benefits:

Enhances brain functionality
Strengthens focus and clarity
Promotes cognitive health
Alleviates stress and anxiety

2. Alpha Brain:
Rated at 4.8, this product stands out in the market due to its multifaceted benefits:

Promotes Focus
Reduces Brain Fog
Supports Memory
Aids Mental Processing

3. Nootrogen:
Nootrogen has received a high overall rating of 4.8, indicating customer satisfaction and product efficacy.

The product specializes in several areas including memory support, cognition support, and focus improvement.
Effective in stress management

Provides a holistic approach to mental health and cognitive function.

4. Noocube:
NooCube, with a high rating of 4.8, is highly regarded by users.

Key benefits of NooCube include enhanced memory, increased creativity, improved concentration, and better focus and mood.

NooCube stands apart from competitors like ADDTabz by offering an unique benefit: the ability to enhance creativity.
The brand’s value proposition is strengthened by this unique selling proposition, thereby making it a more compelling choice for users seeking cognitive enhancements.

In comparison, ADDTabz needs to position itself strategically, emphasizing its unique benefits and strengths. It’s vital to consider these competitors’ features during product development to ensure ADDTabz remains competitive in the market.

Health Benefits

  1. Improved concentration for better task focus.
  2. Increased mental stamina to handle prolonged cognitive tasks.
  3. Heightened alertness for quick and effective decision-making.
  4. Uplifted mood contributing to a positive mindset.
  5. Specifically crafted to enhance productivity and motivation.
  6. Aiming to provide an alternative to conventional prescription medications for attention deficit disorder (ADD)

However, individual responses to the supplement may vary based on factors like physiology, dosage, and overall health.

Potential Side Effects

ADDTabz, despite being marketed as side-effects free, may pose potential risks attributed to its ingredients. Adverse effects may include fainting, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, headaches, restlessness, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, sensations of burning, increased redness of the eye, blurred vision, tremors, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, racing or erratic heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, and abdominal pain.

Additionally, users have reported common stimulant-associated side effects such as insomnia, appetite and weight changes, and elevated heart rate.

Consult your doctor if you have any concerns or sensitivities to the components within the exclusive formula of Addtabz Ampheta-CDP.

Customer Reviews

Best alternative to Adderall.
“I’ve been on Adderall before and it’s super addictive, tolerance builds up fast and crazy side effects. I’ve tried numerous focus over the counter suplements and AddTabz are by far the best.” – by TJ Customer on Official Site

Great Alternative
I really like this product. It does not give me that dead focus as some talk about but it helps drastically with staying on task. I still procrastinate on taking it because I know when I do it’s work mode. It is the best product I have used for my ADHD with/without a prescription. I wish that the VA offered this product. It is a superior option. – by micheal ivory Customer on Official Site

Very happy
No crashes I’m alert I can concentrate – by WENDY CLAYCOMB Customer on Official Site



In conclusion, ADDTabz presents itself as a potent tool in the realm of cognitive enhancement. With its blend of active ingredients, ADDTabz has been formulated to improve memory, augment learning capabilities, elevate mood, and sharpen attention. This product, from the reputable Lexium International, demonstrates a commitment to improving mental function in a safe, effective, and accessible manner. Potential users with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can particularly benefit from its potential to lengthen attention spans and augment focus.

While individual responses may vary, and although there might be potential side effects, the overall benefits of ADDTabz appear to outweigh the cons, making it worth considering. As always, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. In essence, if you’re in search of a product that addresses cognitive enhancement with credibility and effectiveness, ADDTabz is a product you should contemplate adding to your regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is ADDTabz?

A. ADDTAbz is a cognitive enhancement dietary supplement manufactured by Lexium International. It aims to improve memory, learning capabilities, and mood, primarily targeting individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Q. Who manufactures ADDTabz?

A. ADDTAbz is a product of Lexium International, previously known as Gentech Pharmaceuticals, with over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Q. What are the key ingredients in ADDTabz?

A. The main ingredients in ADDTabz are Caffeine Anhydrous, Cytidine diphosphate-choline sodium salt, Choline Bitartrate, Synephrine Hydrochloride, Octopamine Hydrochloride, and Folic Acid.

Q. Is ADDTabz a proper alternative to Adderall?

A. Despite being marketed as a substitute for Adderall, ADDTabz is not a direct replacement. Its primary constituents are lower-level stimulants such as Caffeine and Choline, which do not provide extreme cognitive enhancement.

Q. What are the potential side effects of ADDTabz?

A. Potential side effects may include fainting, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, headaches, restlessness, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, sensations of burning, increased redness of the eye, blurred vision, tremors, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, racing or erratic heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, and abdominal pain.

Q. Are there any benefits of ADDTabz?

A. ADDTAbz may offer benefits like improved concentration, increased mental stamina, heightened alertness, uplifted mood, enhanced productivity, and motivation.

Q. What are the drawbacks of ADDTabz?

A. Some of the cons include its high cost, the absence of popular natural nootropic ingredients, misleading marketing, limited availability, potentially dangerous ingredients like synephrine hydrochloride, limited refund policy, and missing information on the official website.

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    Emily R. May 16, 2024

    Improved Focus and Energy with Addtabz

    Addtabz has significantly boosted my focus and energy levels. I’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in my productivity and mental clarity since I started using it. Highly recommend it for anyone needing a cognitive boost.

    Sierra Carter December 8, 2023

    Experienced energetic but little dizzy

    After using Addtabz for 6 months, I experienced clean energy but had to limit intake to avoid anxiety. Initially effective, but daily use led to reduced energy and persistent headaches. While it works, the side effects make it a 3-star product.


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