Apple 2024: Innovations That Shape the World

From iPhones to Apple Music, see how Apple's innovations continue to transform the tech landscape.

Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :Jun 28, 2024
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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company, which has created landmarks in the technology world right from its formation.

Starting from its establishment in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, the company has remained an innovator in technologies that have revolutionized communication, business, and social relations.

Legalizing a promise of design, quality, and user experience, Apple has been able to garner customer loyalty and become one of the world’s most recognized and significant companies.

From the game-changing iPhone to the elegant Mac, a completely new digital service like the App Store, to Apple Music, Apple is enhancing people’s lives and reshaping the technologies that shape our world.

1. Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue of Apple

Last year the total sales of Apple can’t believe $ 42. His business generates revenues over 1 billion, for which only the economy of Turkmenistan can be compared.

This just goes on to emphasize the fact that the turnover of Apple Company in terms of its financial transactions is even many folds larger than the turnover of entire national economies.

2. Cash Reserves

Cash Reserves

Apple has $155 billion of cash on its hand apron. If allocated this results to 49 cents per every individual in the United States of America.

On the same note, this amount of cash could actually buy as many as 2,384 Gulfstream G650 private jets, something which is an indication of the fact that Apple has a lot of cash.

3. Mac Sales

Mac Sales

Similarly, in the last quarter, the total iPhone units that Apple sold were 5. readers know that 52 million Macintosh computers have been sold, which is equal to the population of Minnesota. Here, the growing use and popularity of Apple’s PCs is evident.

4. iPhone Sales

iPhone Sales

Apple sold an impressive 39 million iPhones and tablets in China alone indicating that the company’s mobile devices and tablets are popular among Chinese customers.

Of course, Apple sold 3 million iPhones in the last quarter alone, and this figure is even greater than the population of Canada. This make it clear that people around the world are demanding iPhones and that iPhones are dominating in the market for smart phones.

5. Economic Powerhouse

Economic Powerhouse

Apple has been underlined as having the approximate gross national product of the 27th largest economy in the global level. This comparison unveils that Apple has an enormous impact and play a large role in the global economy.

6. Projected Net Income

Projected Net Income

Currently, researchers are predicting that in this year Apple will likely report a net income of $100 billion. This capital is sufficient to buy Snapchat ten times over and proves the idea of Apple as an organization with substantial financial dominance and profit making.

7. Market Value Comparison

Market Value Comparison

In the present, it is clear that Apple is more valuable than ExxonMobil, its value being $ 60 billion more than the latter.

This alone is enough to fund for the procurement of no fewer than 444 F-22 supermaneuverability/air superiority fighters, wrote a guest contributor–to underscore sophisticated economic differences between two large companies.

8. iOS Device Sales

iOS Device Sales

Currently, 1. 4 billion people around the world are actively using iOS gadgets; moreover, in the last year Apple sold 243 million iOS devices. This is enough to donate one device per ten citizens of North Korea as Apple’s product reach and popularity is vast and extensive.

9. iPad Sales

iPad Sales

Apple sold 12 000 tablets per day to make a profit of $15 million in the first nine months of the iPad launch. 9 million iPads in the last quarter, and 258 iPads per employing company for the quarter. This fact only shows the demography of Apple’s tablet and the effect it has made on the market.

10. Apple Watch Projections

Apple Watch Projections

Since the first Apple Watches, Apple forecasts to sell around 30 million units in the next couple of years and potentially gross $10. 5 billion in profit. This profit only equals the entire Nicaraguan economy, further stressing the successful rate for Apple’s wearable technology.



Finally, it can be stated that Apple Inc. is still a model of a successful innovative company in the field of technologies.

Apple remains at the forefront of influencing the future of technology through design, user experience and being environmentally conscious.

Apple as an innovative icon and a world leader is to persist as a company enters new markets with its mark on the society for generations to come.

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