The Best Windows Ultrabook 2024: Our Picks for Excellence

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Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :Mar 21, 2024
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You have heard about the light, thin, powerful laptops which are portable and provide you best performance in slim and trim package.

You may need a new laptop for school, play or work; here we take a closer look at five of the Best Windows ultrabook available in the market.

Windows ultrabook
  1. Lenovo Yoga Pro 2

It is the latest Yoga line of the convertible Ultrabooks which offers both affordability and portability in a pretty feature-rich package. The most notable feature of Yoga is that it is has fully rotatable display thereby allows to use it as traditional laptop or standing touchscreen in full-tablet mode.

Yoga 3s sport pixel packed QHD+ (3200 px x 1800px) display on 13.3” IPS display. The display supports 10-point multitouch. Lenovo also boasts that Yoga Pro 2 gives you good battery life about 8 and 9 hours of single charge. You can choose between Intel Core i7rocessor upto 8 GB of RAM. It provides you SSD for storage up to 512 GB, backlit keyboard, a webcam. You can also choose between few chassis colors. Yoga Pro 2 is a solid and reliable ultrabook with great battery life and brilliant display.

  1. ASUS Zenbook Prime

It is pretty much everything you wish an Ultrabook must have. It has a bright hugh resolution 13.3 IPS displays with solid built and only half an inch thick and 3pounds. Zenbook is available along with your choice of Intel processor, SSD, and backlit keyboard. It has great battery life about 8 hours with few extras options life Intel’s WiFi technology. This allows you to push the video from your computer to an external touchscreen display wirelessly. There are multiple Zenbook models available at this point that allows you to choose your perfect laptop.

  1. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

This is also named as business ultrabook but the fact is it is built for everyone. Thinkpad X1 Carbon design sensibilities of Thibkpad series and features the well-loved keyboard and Trackpoint control button. Thinkpad’s X1has metal and carbon chassis and you can get X1 with 10 point multitouch touchscreen on its full 14” display. It provides you choice between Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and 4GB or 8 GB RAM. Lenovo brags about X1 carbon as their toughest laptop till date and the carbon fiber with metal built can stand wear and tear in drops and accidents. It comes just under 3 pounds with 0.7” thickness that makes it perfect portable notebooks. It gives you 9 hour battery life and you can get it with a fingerprint reader.

  1. Samsung Series 9

There’s still praise for Samsung’s line of touchscreen ultrabooks which comes in variety of flavors. It sports windows 8 and offer bright 13.3” IPS touchscreen and these are all packed with Intel Core i7 processors and has 8 GB RAM with a choice of 128 GB or 256 GBs.

The smaller models comprise of lighter built materials which are about three pounds and half an inch thick while the 15” model. It sports an aluminum body that’s a little heavier and has thicker touch about 4 pounds. It’s think, capable of doing everyday productivity tasks and lighter.

  1. Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Dell XPS 13” touchscreen Ultrabook is a pretty powerful and solid laptop which optional extras which is not available with all contenders. The XPS 13 gives you choice of Core i5 or i7 processors and windows 8.1 out of box. Each model has 0.7” thick and more than 3 pounds with carbon fiber and aluminum bodies with edge to edge glass on the touchscreens. It has a backlit full keyboard and give you upto 11 hour battery life.

While considering the best in portable computing, don’t forget to pair your new Ultrabook with one of the Best Android Phones for unmatched productivity and connectivity on the go.