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  • introduction-to-cryptocurrency

    Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    Your Introduction to Ecommerce & Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency as a form of e-commerce payment has been around for a handful of years, but its recent extreme volatility — exemplified by Bitcoin’s skyrocketing transaction fees in late 2017 and early 2018 — makes this an interesting time... Read More

  • debt-questions-you're-afraid-to-ask

    Business - Markets Reports and Financial News

    7 Questions About Debt Relief You Were Afraid to Ask

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a way to stabilize your financial situation. This is a worthy goal. The good news is you do have options and choices—even if it feels like the opposite is true. You’re... Read More

  • best health insurance for your family

    Markets News - Get Global Financial Market Updates & More

    Finding The Best Health Insurance For Your Family

    Knowing that you are covered by the best health insurance you can afford for your family can be a nightmare. Policies can have clauses that mean some things are not covered, and you can bet your bottom dollar that... Read More

  • global payroll services

    Markets News - Get Global Financial Market Updates & More

    The rise of global payroll services

    In a world increasingly affected by the advent of globalization and rapid mobilization of technology, the task of running a business on an international scale has become increasingly complex. Large-scale businesses will often span many foreign countries and in... Read More

  • business to business vat

    Business - Markets Reports and Financial News

    Methods in Making Sure Business to Business VAT is Reclaimed

    In the case of business to business transactions/transfers, the customer is also another VAT payer. The implication of VAT for B2B transactions changes based on the usage of the goods by the customers i.e.; the business. If the VAT... Read More

  • Selling-a-house

    Business - Markets Reports and Financial News

    Reasons Why You should be Selling a house as is

    The real estate market is, and has always remained, a buzzing locus of activity, with thousands of sales and deals being closed on a daily basis, on a variety of properties spanning a variety of budgets. This has given... Read More

  • benefits of taking day trading courses online


    Best Benefits of Taking Day Trading Courses Online

    Day trading may be defined as the buying and selling of securities within a single day’s trading period. Day trading usually happens in the stock markets and the foreign exchange markets. Day traders usually capitalize on small price fluctuations... Read More

  • Analytics Solutions

    Markets News - Get Global Financial Market Updates & More

    The Benefits of Having Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

    Customer experience analytics deals with the discovery, aggregation and smart analysis of customer/user data to gain insights for better decision making. Ideal customer experience analytics solutions map the customer journey and provide insights to optimize the customer journey through... Read More

  • investment in term plan

    Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    Worried About your Investment in Term Plan Here’s a Solution for You

    Every individual strives to maximise the return on investment. As an investor, you consider your long-term goals and work towards fulfilling every dream of your family. Investors purchase life insurance to ensure the financial safety of their family in... Read More

  • how to change the career

    Business - Markets Reports and Financial News

    How To Change The Career | 10 Perfect Jobs For Career Change

    Career satisfaction The negative effects of not having a job far outweigh the gains of unemployment. When you finally land a job, there is a feeling of unending excitement and fulfillment. To conquer the state of unemployment and move... Read More

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