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100 Internet Companies disagree with FCC’s Net Neutrality plan

Over 100 Internet Companies are against the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan for net neutrality.

Two out of the five FCC commissioners also disagree with regulating broadband providers, as proposed by Wheeler.

The 100 Internet companies that oppose this new strategy for “net neutrality” include Google, Facebook. Amazon, Twitter, etc. These tech giants warned the FCC through a letter that there is a grave threat to the Internet. This letter was provoked by the delay of a vote from one of the FCC commissioners on the planned May 15 schedule.

The internet regulations would let broadband companies charge content providers to gain access to the fastest lanes. Network neutrality advocates are furious about Wheeler’s proposal.

Network neutrality is the idea that all internet traffic must be treated equally. This is the principle that “edge providers” should not be blocked by Internet providers from reaching their customers. Netflix is one example of an edge provider.

FCC has tried to create net neutrality for over 10 years now. The agency tried to legally justify net neutrality, but it has always been shut down by courts. But the agency has never tried to promote the option to turn broadband providers into “common carriers.” That strategy would turn broadband companies into the old analogue telephone net provider.

Consumer advocates fear that if the net neutrality plans of Wheeler, which is to make Internet companies pay broadband providers for faster and more web traffic will be realized, it would shut down small, newer Internet companies. This is exactly the opposite of the free Internet that net neutrality advocates are fighting for.

Internet companies, especially the poorer, smaller start ups challenges the FCC to take the needed steps to make sure that the Internet will continue to be an avenue for free speech and commerce.

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