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5 Clever Inventions That Made Regular People Super Rich

There are countless ideas out there that if materialized would bring millions of dollar to the inventor. There are a lot of ordinary people that raked in tons of cash from an invention they made, like Mark Zuckerberg. These ideas don’t need to be complicated, sophisticated, or really big. These can be simple ideas that could make people’s lives easier, more convenient or simply improved.

  1. Carol’s Daughter by Lisa Price. This started as a home-based business offering lotions and creams to local customers. Later on the demand for her hair products started to grow exponentially. So, she made her own hair line products.carols-daughter
  2. Aller Mates by Iris Shamus. This is a very creative invention, which helps people identify allergies among children through wearing accessories and bracelets.allermates-e1411147762315
  3. Spanx by Sara Blakely. She cut the feet of her pantyhose when attending a party. That was he eureka moment that, with determination, became a multi-million dollar business.spanx_s640x427
  4. Pillow Pets by Jennier Telfer. As the name implies, it is a pillow, which can also be your pet.pillow-pet-640x433
  5. Slap Bracelet by Stuart Anders. You slap them on your wrist so that they bend into its circular form to fit like a bracelet. This was just sensational.slap-bracelets

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