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6 Best Ways to Attract Women Workers Than Just Freezing Their Eggs

Apple, Facebook and other giant tech companies came up with a strategy to attract more talented women into their organization. And that is by freezing their eggs.

This is an advocacy for fertility and family. Besides that, this is also a big step for tech giants to lure in more women into their companies.

But besides freezing their eggs, here are other effective measures to attract more women into tech companies and other industries:

  1. Flexible schedules. A 9 to 5 work schedule is very limiting. A woman, especially a mother, has a lot of factors that may affect her schedule. These include her children, her family, parents, and school. They should be given real flexible schedules, as long as they perform well enough.Flexible schedules
  2. Leadership positions. Women want to see were their career path is headed. Companies who trust women in high ranking positions are serious in keeping talented females in their organization.
  3. Paternity leave. This means the company promotes gender equality. It doesn’t only think about the welfare of women, but for their male population as well.
  4. Preventing sexism. Gender equality is very important for strong, talented women.Preventing sexism
  5. Female activities. Video games, free beers, and other college feel gimmicks may work for men. But if a company wants to attract more women, they should come up with more activities suited for women too.
  6. Better wages. This is common sense. Who wouldn’t be attracted to this?

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