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7 of the Best #Bendgate Trolls

The Internet erupted with laughter when some very few members of the first wave of iPhone 6 Plus owners complained their very expensive gadget changes shape once put inside the pocket. While these first wave owners are mourning about the damages, the rest of the world put out hilarious reactions to Apple’s bendable object. Here are the best trolls about #bendgate.

  1. Samsung. Apple’s fiercest competitor didn’t miss the chance to join in the chorus of trolling the iPhone 6 Plus. ByXvOjhCEAElZhc
  2. Dali Edition. Some creative person digitally enhanced an iPhone 6 plus and labelled it Dali Edition, making a reference to the Salvador Dali Sculptures, which are objects bent and melted for art.  ByS_YZyCIAIDTSd
  3. Bend it like Beckham. Football superstar David Beckham is known for his out of this world trick to curve or bend the ball for accuracy. The trolls quite took it literally. ByTT7DXIMAAgmJS
  4. One more thing. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is famous for this one liner slogan whenever they introduce new Apple products to the market.ByU-6r8IEAAmmtA
  5. iPhone 6 Plus Origami. A series of pictures showing iPhone 6 Plus users how to fold their bendable gadget in an Origami class. ByW7KjzCIAApJIA.jpg-large
  6. Kitkat. The chocolate brand also didn’t miss the chance to promote their breakable snack as they troll the bendable iPhone. ByT_zRuIUAAynLd
  7. Amnesty International. The human rights group also used the opportunity to remind the world of stuff that truly matters.ByXj5cbIEAA1NyJ


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