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7 Successful Companies Former Apple Workers Founded

Apple has been around for almost 40 years and it has a great reputation to only hire some of the best people in the field of technology.

Of Course, it won’t come as a surprise if these people establish their own companies and turn them into massive success.

Here are successful companies founded by ex-Apple employees:

  1. Nest Labs (Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers). The former Apple engineers came up with a company that focuses on making connected thermostats and smoke detectors users can manage wirelessly. Google announced this year that it will but the company for $3.2 billion.Nest Labs - Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers
  2. Obi Mobile (John Sculley). The former Apple CEO came up with this budget smartphone brand that caters to emerging smartphone markets all over the world.Obi Mobile - John Sculley
  3. Android (Andy Rubin). The former Apple engineer founded the Apple’s Gogle-owned rival. Now it dominated the mobile operating system market with 85 percent share all over the world.Android - Andy Rubin
  4. Electronic Arts (Trip Hawkins). He came up with the computer game company with the $200,000 he gained from his Apple stock. Now, EA’s marketing capitalization is more than $11 billion.Electronic Arts - Trip Hawkins
  5. Path (Dave Morin). This social networking mobile app is on the verge of being acquired by Apple to boost its social media presence.Path - Dave Morin
  6. Flipboard (Evan Doll). The former senior iPhone software engineer founded this social media app, which is very popular for its superb design.  Flipboard - Evan Doll
  7. Inkling (Matt Macinnis). The former senior manager of international education markets for apple left the company in 2009 and launched the interactive e-book publisher.Inkling - Matt Macinnis

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