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7 Top Inventions Disowned by Owners

Internet Pop-up inventor Ethan Zuckerman regrets that he ever created that invention. He did it for the best intentions, but the distractive online monster he created made him apologize for it and even disown it.

  • Flappy Bird. This smartphone game is an overnight success. It was downloaded over 50 million times. Creator Dong Nguyen wasn’t happy about it, because the money and the fame ultimately ruined her life, according to her.flappy2_2810882c
  • Raleigh Chopper. Tom Karen is not very proud of the 1970s hit children’s bike he created. He said it was heavy and inconvenient.raleigh-chopper_3006185c
  • Office Cubicle. Bob Propst made this invention back in the 1960s hoping to give privacy to the workers. He later on changed his mind saying it was corporate, monolithic insanity.office_2118437c
  • AK-47. Mikhail Kalashnikov has been in great spiritual anguish believing that he is also responsible for the lives that his invention created.AK47-rifle_2741520c
  • Comic Sans. Even creator Vincent Connare doesn’t use it much, because he considers it an abomination to typography.Doge_2789360c
  • Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has a long history, but it was social activist Anna Jarvis who concretized it. But she later on denounced it when it became too commercialized.Interflora_2505732c
  • Emoji. Scott Fahlman feels like he’s Dr. Frankenstein for his emoticon creations.emoji_2946521c

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