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How AI Will Disrupt the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing has carefully carved out a place for itself over the last ten years, but the next ten years it will need to fight for its right to stick around. The digital marketing industry has proven that it’s the future of marketing, and now AI might threaten the need for anyone to run digital marketing. Can AI replace digital marketers? Not quite, but it will change how things are done drastically!

The User Experience Will Become Outstanding

Any SEO consultant will rave for days about how the user experience is second only to content. All marketing is about the user experience, but most companies don’t have the resources to gather enough data to know if what they’re doing is working or not. AI is going to change that.

AI can help any business regardless of how big or small collect unbelievable amounts of data about their customers. From their location information in tags on social media posts to past shopping behavior, the digital marketing industry will be overrun with data. Too much data actually, because although it’s collecting this data and deciding if it’s relevant or useful, it will still be up to the business owners or people in marketing to determine what to do with the data.

With the information, everyone will want to tailor the user experience to stand out as unique and brand themselves accordingly.

Real Customer Support That Actually Works

Have you tried using Facebook’s Chatbot? Or the chat function on any other website? Right now, the online customer service is an annoyance similar to the automated prompts when you call a business after hours. But, that’s the part of AI that leads to massive success. The chatbots are spending their time getting to know us and identifying what problems surface consistently. In a few years, we’ll see helpful chatbots that can fully resolve issues and answer customers questions.

SEO marketers are especially happy to see this come into play as the AI customer service can not only resolve the issue but direct the customer to the source of information allowing them to see it personally. A level of customer service that current human customer service representatives can’t match.

Advertising Perceptions Will Change

Currently, the way marketers work is not far off from the way marketing worked in the 1980s. The company has a product or service, and the marketing department creates an ad copy that they believe (for many scientific and artistic reasons) will resonate with their ideal customer.

The truth is though, we know that works because it’s all that’s ever been tried. AI will gather the data necessary to appeal to users individually. Rather than generating one ad and blasting it all over national television, a bot can construct an ad copy that appeals to the user accessing the page. Bots can generate ads created from templates or their own formulaic construct using curated content that will appeal to the data that user has shown the most positive reactions to in the past.

Overtime AI will allow marketers to excel, although it will likely replace many jobs. But when it comes down to provide an elevated consumer experience and knowing what content appeals to customers most, it will be a highly successful tool, rather than a threat.

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