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Apple CEO Tim Cook Proud to be Gay

Apple Chief executive Timothy D. Cook said last Thursday he was gay and proud of it.

This only shows how open and less secretive the giant tech company really is.

In Cook’s essay, which was published in Bloomberg Businessweek, the CEO said he is proud to be gay and that it is one of the best gifts that God has given him.

Critics believe that the revelation won’t have any major impact on Apple’s business, but it is a brave move full of unknowns.

Cook is the only openly gay chief executive among all the 500 biggest US companies.

The gay community holds this declaration as an important moment. They believe that there are a lot of business leaders out there that are gay, but are still hiding in their closets.

The gay community hopes that Tim Cook’s public announcement will encourage other leaders to come out.

A lot of campaigners believe that formative experiences make company executives reluctant to come out.

These leaders grew up in times when there was less tolerance to gay people.

But for the past several decades, society’s view on gay people has changed and become more open.

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