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Apple Will Possibly Team up with Nike

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Nike FuelBand that he usually wears in different public events is very suggestive of an Apple-Nike partnership, especially when rumors of Apple watch came out in the market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Bad news came out last Friday however, that Nike laid off most of the people involved in making their FuelBand available. Reports also came out that the company has no plans of updating their wearable gadget line, which includes gadgets that measures physical activities and other wearable gadgets that can monitor calories burned and heart rates.

Nike had earlier plans to release a thinner FuelBand, however, they shelved that idea and there are no updates whether they will be making a new one or not. The company only released reports that they will continue to support its FuelBand with new available colors.

This retreat is unlikely for a company that has made a brand in the sports equipment industry, which is why it has led to speculations that it may partner up with Apple.

Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. analyst Brian White, who follows Apple, said Apple has a healthy relationship with Nike for some years now. According to his opinion, it would be best for Nike to get into the smartwatch and erase the competition by partnering up with Apple.

According to Nike spokesperson KeJuan Williams, FuelBand will still be an important part of Nike, and stressed the company’s continuing work with digital products as well as its partnership with other companies such as Apple.

Williams said it is not new for Nike to partner with leading tech companies such as Apple, which they have been working with since 2006. Since they created Nike+ Running, the two has been creating sporting tech products such as Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ FuelBand. The latest perhaps is the Nike+ Move, which was launched recently in 2013.

These successful products could suggest that Nike and Apple’s partnership could lead to wearable tech products.

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