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Asia’s Hottest Start Ups To Look Out For

The Asian middle classes can use macro environment and their economies to their advantage to create successful start-ups. The young tech-savvy entrepreneurs in Asia have created start-ups that could help define their economies.

  1. Snaptee (Hong Kong). This app allows you to create a T-shirt with your own slogan.140923152344-snaptee-horizontal-gallery
  2. Baobeihuijia (China). It means Baby Back Home. It aims to help reunite missing children back to their families using people’s smarphones.140924131411-missing-child-site-horizontal-gallery
  3. Gogovan (Hong Kong). This sart-up aims to be the major company when it comes to logistics.140923151435-gogovan-horizontal-gallery
  4. Foodiequest. This aims to be the major Instagram counterpart for foods.140923153253-foodiequest-horizontal-gallery
  5. Viki (Singapore). This is an on-demand video-sharing site that translates the movies to different Asian languages.140924124845-viki2-horizontal-gallery
  6. Mimi (China). This is a social networking site that keeps the user anonymous.140923180217-mimi-vertical-gallery
  7. Foureyes (Philippines). This start-up allows you to try the eyeglasses online while you’re at home.140924164708-foureyes-horizontal-gallery
  8. Triip (Vietnam). It lets you come up with your own tour package and sell it to tourists.140924165229-triip-horizontal-gallery
  9. Jamn. It is a different breed of music app that makes song writing really easy and accurate.140924171042-jamn-horizontal-gallery
  10. Simple Wearables (Hong Kong). This is a wearable device that can detect if an elder is in emergency and needs help.140925145427-simple-wearables-horizontal-gallery

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