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Big Companies That Are Spiralling Down to Drain

Companies are established everyday. But a lot of companies also fall down to a corporate death spiral everyday. This is a normal part of the business cycle. Companies must be updated and keep up with their customers demand to thrive. Otherwise, they will become obsolete and die off. There are a lot of new companies these days that use more cost effective and superior strategies and products to gain customers. This can ruin other older companies. This is a natural effect of the free market economic system.

Here are companies that were devoured by newer ones and are now headed to a downward trend:

  1. Dish Network. This giant cable provider worked really hard for their customers and they have no big PR problems. But there are other bigger fish in the industry that are slowly running Dish Network out of town. Comcast-Time Warner and AT&T Direct TV are taking over the industry.166666393
  2. Radioshack. There have been a lot of basic troubles plaguing the company and it will not come as a surprise if this company closes down any time soon.149305066
  3. Darden Restaurant. The high level of inequality and the recession has led the middle-class to look for cheaper foods.458684043
  4. JCPenny. The recession has a profoundly negative effect on this company.162850569
  5. Quizons. Jimmy John’s and Subway is taking over the sandwich industry and Quizons couldn’t keep up.475636539
  6. BlackBerry. Ap[ple, Samsung, and Microsoft are just too much for this company to handle.109688375

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