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Business Plan Optimization With Business Intelligence

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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2016

Today, businesses are on the lookout for tools that can help them meet the demands of the ever-growing client needs and expand their businesses by reaching out to more customers. According to Peter Gartengerg, Microsoft India general manager, businesses should not only address customer and market demands, but should be ready to show the way forward in future. Generally, businesses need business intelligence to be successful.

3 business Intelligence Methods for Business Plan Optimization

Each time people discuss business intelligence, data has to come in. Whether the discussion is about the learning of sign language by apes, better decision making by businesses or kids performing better in schools, dealing with data has to be discussed. According to the author of 3D Management of Data Controlling Data Volume Variety and Velocity, Doug Laney, businesses have a lot of data volumes produced at increased velocities from a variety of sources that are ever growing. To help you understand this new information, IT specialists simplified things by developing a data process known as CRISP-DM.

There have been numerous volumes of written materials trying to explain the application and theory of this process. The process comprises of an iterative approach of dicing and slicing data. It aims at looking for meaningful patterns to help businesses make effective decisions. Lately, the process has been given the name of big data analytics.

BI or Business Intelligence takes place the moment big data analytics are availed in the entire organization. This democratizes the analysis and access of data by your company making business plan optimization easier. You as well stand a chance to gain major competitive advantages from sources you didn’t expect.

Business Plans

Make Business Plans That are Reality Based

Making business plans based on previous numbers is less effectual. This is just like writing some piece of fiction since last year’s numbers cannot be relied on. Start making effective business plans by basing them on current data. You will be in a position to analyze the management’s sensitivity performance and discover conditions that may unfold in future. Kepion Planning solution is built based on Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. It enables users in the entire organization to analyze and access data, aid in what-if scenarios creations and make contributions to the business’s business plan success.

Communicate your Data in real-time and make it Understandable

Business plan optimization starts the moment you put the forecasted data and current data into the analytics software. For instance, the volume of data available on the internet cannot be measured, therefore instead of wasting a lot of time going through numerous potential web pages 1in an effort to find the piece of information you require you just need to ask search engines to locate the web pages that you are interested in and they will do it quickly.

Going through numerous potential web pages can present a remarkable data filtering, but this can still prove to be inadequately helpful. Therefore, search engines use some logical manner to rank results and this provides you with the highest possibility to find whatever you are looking for after a few clicks. This is data optimization. A similar analytics results ranking is required to optimize your business plan.

Effective Business Planning

Effective Business Planning

If business plan creation was a walk in the park, BI would be much easier. Because there are numerous interrelated inputs in planning, there is a great possibility for net decision results in a single department to be unanticipated and non-intuitive. When this affects your bottom line negatively, there can be no chance to’re-do’. For this reason, consider optimizing your business plan before implementing it. In addition, if you are in a dynamic business environment, consider keeping it that way during its implementation.

It is important to note that, different business departments specialize on different issues in your business plan. Consider encouraging this specialized expertise in the implementation process as well as during planning. To benefit maximally from specialization, make sure that your BI software leverages each individual’s expertise. This can be achieved by allowing open and free exchange of information and communication throughout the organization.

One major strength of the business intelligence software is the ability to make more data, more presentations and more charts without you. This results to more discussion and less planning. However, if you use BI intelligently to design an iterative with the aid of a collaborative process that uses forecasted and real data to engage your management team in the whole organization, you will be in a position to create something useful.

Productive Dialogues

Additionally, in order to create a maximum management in-buy, your IT infrastructure should be able to allow the experts to share expertise and acquire more insights through productive dialogues. Once your organization has successfully created an excellent business plan and taken advantage of buy-ins, you have yourself an optimized business plan.


Your business cannot engage the best options simultaneously. Therefore, managers should be able to select the best available option from the ranked list. BI software cannot do this, but it is in a position to ease human processes.

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