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Define Your Workspace with Collaboration Solutions

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Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Modern workspaces have changed a lot over the years, with integrated technology and tools such as video conferencing now available at our fingertips, helping us to connect with colleagues and clients at the touch of a button.

Collaboration solutions such as video conferencing can transform how you engage with your team, but there have been instances where problems have been encountered, particularly regarding connectivity, quality and cost.

Workspaces are continuing to advance, creating a much more improved meeting experience, both for those in the office and those in remote locations. New collaboration solutions and enhanced technology now mean that tools exist
purposely to address the common, everyday problems that we experience in meeting rooms; from stunted productivity and creation, to poor quality audio and visual communication. The likes of video conferencing and other similar tools have grown to allow staff to implement them into their everyday environment seamlessly.

How to Improve your Workspace

Your office is only as good as team collaboration, so creating a productive and motivating workspace is critical. Choosing the right solutions is important for providing a consistent user experience within your meeting rooms; in fact, the experience should be predictable and positive, with staff knowing exactly what they’re going to get from the collaboration tools that have been installed. Not only can this improve confidence in the workplace, it can also encourage creativity and co-operation.

With solutions that are specifically designed to transform your workplace and turn it into something much more modern and effective, the collaboration tools available out there can support your team’s requirements. Including video conferencing and other interactive tools, you can create a user-centred design that transforms your workspace, from the aesthetics to the actual functionality of the room.

Making the most of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is something that took the business world by storm, providing an avenue whereby staff can collaborate with those not even in the room. Professional collaboration tools create an environment for colleagues, senior management, clients, partners and anyone else involved in the business to communicate, collaborate, interact and engage with each other in a new and improved way.

However, the modern workforce is a demanding one, and solutions must continue to adapt and find new definitions of what it is that makes their workspace work to its optimum. Integrated technologies now mean that you have the ability to create a smart meeting room that does more than offer video conferencing. Instead, video conferencing can be used alongside other solutions like greater telepresence, digital whiteboards or interactive displays. Used together, it brings even the most remote members into the room effortlessly.

By creating a room where systems and devices are designed to work together, you can provide a seamless meeting experience, no matter what the purpose of the room is. Define your workspace as formal, structured, informal or even social; whatever works best for your staff and their needs. Giving them the chance to choose the best space to be productive, staff have a choice in creating their own meeting environment.

As collaboration tools like video conferencing continue to develop, new features emerge which further aids your efforts in having a collaborative, productive workspace. Smartphone apps can boost integration and allow people to join meetings from their own device, while smart monitoring enables management from anywhere alongside analytical tools to understand the statistics and usage behind your solutions; giving you the chance to get even more out of your workspaces.

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