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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants Oculus Rift price as low as possible

Oculus is preparing to launch their first consumer product sometime next year, after a few months of silence following the Facebook acquisition, the CEO of Oculus Brendan Iribe started talking about the first consumer product and how Facebook has not added any features onto the gaming headset, although they are working at the price point.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to get the hardware as low as possible, potentially taking a loss for every unit sold. In return, Facebook believes in combination with games they can make revenue from software and services bundled onto the Oculus, allowing the company to make their money back on a long term user.

Iribe believes sales of the first Oculus Rift will be low, projecting around 1million units sold. This is lower than the PS4 and Xbox One, but still bigger than the Wii U.  Granted Nintendo haven’t had the best few years, but it is still an optimistic view to see 1 million people buying the Oculus Rift, seen as a developer headset for many.

This is the market Oculus are apparently targeting for the V1, developers and gaming enthusiasts, who will give feedback on the headset and games for V2. The virtual reality world is growing and with it more competition starts appearing, Sony’s Morpheus project and Valve’s secret virtual reality headset could both take the crown away from Oculus.

We are interested to see some original virtual reality games and worlds built specifically for the headset. Right now games look like something from 1980 and the ports of console and PC games aren’t that interesting, because they weren’t built for the VR perspective and have no core features that work well with the headset.

Even though Facebook has no influence on the design of hardware and software on V1, we could expect some Facebook integration on V2. This is still two years off so we shouldn’t speculate, but by that time Facebook will most likely be trying to integrate Facebook sharing into Oculus.

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