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Google Pays ‘Security Princess’ — To Hack Them And Protect Them Internet Bad Guys

Parisa Tabriz is a white-hat hacker paid by Google to infiltrate her employer so that the Internet bad guys called black hats won’t get in first.

This 31-year-old Iranian- American hacker is Google’s secret weapon against the hackers. She protects the most used search engine in the world and Google’s almost 1 billion users.Parisa-Tabriz-_3062172c

Leader of Men

She goes beyond the norms of the typical Silicon Valley computer superstars. Women are under-represented in the tech industry, but that didn’t stop her. She also runs a team mostly of male who are experts from the US and Europe.

As a leader with such command, she came up with the moniker “Security Princess” for herself, which is written in her business

Tabriz was from Chicago with an Iranian-immigrant father who is a doctor and a Polish-American mother who is nurse. Both her parents are very smart, but are not computer literate.

She has two younger brothers, which made her good at bossing boys around even at an early age. She defeated them in sports and video games.

In The Minds of Hackers

She has an uncanny ability to get into the Internet bad guys’ mind. She can identify common criminals trying to steal from bank accounts, hactivist networks, and even those who want to bring governments down.


She pointed out the incident where nude celebrity photos were leaked by hackers. She wasn’t happy about it, because it was a violation of the women’s rights.

She hopes for hackers to get good PR, because not all hackers are bad guys. And what she is doing in Google is a contribution for the better image of hackers.

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