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How Creativity Brings Productivity

Profit is the most important thing in a business and productivity is the major factor that brings more income. Employers and business leaders look for productivity among their employees, system, and programs. They also find ways to raise productivity.

Meanwhile creativity brings something new and innovative to the table. Other leaders argue that it can be disruptive at times, especially because it is unquantifiable, unlike productivity.

But creativity can actually lead to productivity, if both are properly balanced with each other.

Here are ways on how creativity brings productivity:

  1. It may bring the next big thing. Business leaders are looking for the next eureka moment that would skyrocket productivity and profit. The next big things come from creative and innovative ideas, whether it is a new sensational product or a more effective system in the workflow.
  2. Promotes more effective problem solving. Productivity is effective when the same things are done constantly and properly. It turns the workplace into a monotonous prison-like dystopia. On the other hand, creativity promotes thinking outside the box, which means when problems arise in the company; the workers can practice effective problem solving.
  3. Motivates Employees. The monotony of productivity can dull employees’ minds. It will make them look at their watches and wait anxiously for 5:00 pm. Creativity motivates workers. Something new in the workplace can always make people wake up even before the alarm clock goes off.
  4. Gives workers ownership. Workers who work like drones hour after hour doing the same thing over and over again feel dull and dead. Employees who contribute creative ideas to the company have a sense of ownership to that innovation or new product. The employee will be emotionally invested on it and he or she will be inspired to work harder and better.
  5. Alleviates fear of failure. People are afraid to fail in a monotonic workplace. Fear of failure limits progress. Creativity allows people to fail and try again. This will lead to development and prosperity.


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