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How To Change The Career | 10 Perfect Jobs For Career Change

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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Career satisfaction

The negative effects of not having a job far outweigh the gains of unemployment. When you finally land a job, there is a feeling of unending excitement and fulfillment. To conquer the state of unemployment and move into the category of working class people is a change that opens more doors for the individual. Irrespective of your skills or years of experience, you will find your new job as one that needs improvement as time goes on.

Soon, the feeling that employment brings will fade, and the quest to change your career becomes inevitable. Some people might feel the need to remain in their chosen career fields, and only improve the needed skills to make more money. While for others, they are only interested in switching to a new career for better goals and remuneration. Career contentment and job satisfaction are two separate situations within a specific industry.

The level of work-related progress throughout one’s lifetime encompasses activities, and experiences (job duties, descriptions, positions, and decisions) that give rise to career contentment. Whereas, job satisfaction can come from being gainfully employed without necessarily finding a desired career path. Career contentment is more rewarding for those who have been able to advance their purpose by changing or upgrading their career paths.

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Before your career change

Many employed people think of how to make a career change. The decision to move from their current role and acquire new skills is always a necessity for a job market that is increasingly competitive. These are the steps to evaluate before thinking of a career change.

1. Evaluate your present job satisfaction: The human brain makes sentimental judgment most times. Consequently, the need to keep a diary for personal reactions to current job situations and recurring themes is important. Write down the aspects you dislike or like about your present job. This practice will highlight your company’s culture, welfare, and the dissatisfactions related to your job.

2. Evaluate your skills: Assess the previous job roles that brought you career success and find ways to integrate those skills with your new job. Review projects to give an insight of your preferred skills and activities. Also, determine whether your core skills and values blend with your current career. When you require some assistance with this task, find free online tools to assess many career alternatives. You might need to upgrade your skills or develop new ones.

3. Try a new job in the same industry: Try alternative job roles within your present industry. So, you don’t become a square peg in a round hole; apply the industry experience that you have to a related field of endeavor. For example, you might have worked for years as a programmer, and switching to a project manager within the same industry could be that perfect career change.

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10 perfect jobs for career change

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that a typical American experience a midlife career change with at least five jobs. You don’t have to wait until the age of fifty before trying your hands a different type of work or your dream job. So, to switch to a second career is more fulfilling than the traditional lifestyle of staying in one career until retirement. Here are ten perfect jobs for a career change.

Data Scientist: The I.T industry is a lucrative one for people with adequate skills. According to most recruitment services, the job of a Data scientist comes with experiences of data visualization, data research, data engineering. Every year, Data scientists are paid decently; the salary ranges between $80,000 to $120,000. People who currently have job functions as a graphic designer and data entry assistants can upgrade their skills in data science.

Digital Media Expert: Social media experts are innovative, and big companies need their experience to survive. These eggheads are strategy builders, and they are behind successful brands we see on social media. You can upgrade your skills or acquire new ones for a career change.

Personal Trainer: The ideal job is one that pays for your valuable time. Of course, being a personal trainer is a passionate job that leads you to bigger clients. Everyone is interested in their health goals, and most people like a customized fitness exercise depending on their schedule. To find a second career in fitness training will require certification courses that will bring you some motivations.

Market researcher: It is impossible for manufacturing companies to survive without market research. To collect market trend reports and consumer behavioral patterns, you don’t need any experience. However, acquiring the skills of data analysis, and report writing will help you land a second career in market research that pays as much as $85,000.

Fundraiser: There are many fundraisers that are paid between $65,000 and $75,000 with entry-level experience. Hospitals, nonprofits, orphanages, and other humanitarian agencies need money from donors to survive. All that is required is to employ the services of professional fundraisers. A second career in fundraising is not a bad idea for a change.

Software developer: As the world improves in digital technology, the consumers of software are steadily increasing. Every year, there are many job opportunities for software engineers with decent pay packages. An alternative career in software engineering comes with learnable skills, and being a developer could be the next jackpot.

Financial Analysts: After personal health, finances are important to keep a balanced economy. Most organizations will hire financial analysts when they don’t even have a human resource officer. The management of money is a skill that goes beyond everyday bookkeeping and clerical duties. In the U.S, financial planners make an average of $90,000.

Care givers: The population of senior citizens in the U.S is an opportunity to offer paid services. Although the job requires some bit of passion, you will earn decently from pensioners who often have small bills to pay. Business Development Associate: It is no longer fashionable to roam around developing businesses. With modern technology, digital marketing now identifies new prospects through email and telephone. Regardless of your educational background or lack of marketing and mobile experience, you can find a better-paying second job.

Project manager: You need people skills and certification courses to practice as a project manager in any field of endeavor. This job comes with the responsibility of assisting stages of projects and workflow. Project managers with some levels of experience are decently paid more than $100,000.


A change in career or starting a new career is not an easy one if you lack the basic skills to fit. However, choosing a new career path is tricky because the requirements for the position is a matter of what you can bring to the table. Hiring managers are passionate to find exceptional talents, and with the right experience, you could be the much-awaited person for the job.

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