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How To Develop Your Skill In Creativity

When a human resource manager is choosing between two highly qualified candidates, there is a higher chance that he will choose the one who has a better attitude with a spirit of creativity.austin-powersmojo-2mojo-2

Not all people are creative, but if you are one of the people who are not, here are some of the simple things you can do:

Timing is Key

It may not happen all the time, but there are certain moments in your life when your creative juices squirt out from your mind. When this happens, take advantage of that moment. Later on, it will become a skill you develop and not just a random subconscious eureka.

However, when you need creativity to get the job done, you can’t wait for that eureka moment.

Here are five simple questions you can ask yourself to trigger your creativity:

  • How can you do the task uniquely?
  • How can you use other ideas and put it on the task at hand?
  • What can you add on your product, service or job to make it more valuable?
  • What can you remove to be more creative?
  • How can you move outside the box and change the usual routine or pattern?

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