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How To Know If Your Employees Hate You

Famous American author John Maxwell said leadership is influence, nothing more, and nothing less. You may have worked hard and reached a managerial position, but it does not necessarily mean you are a leader. Even though you have a higher position in your company or you own a business, it is not a guarantee that your employees like you.65988-small-business-badboss-623320x304

Here are some guides on knowing if your employees hate you:

High employee turnover rate

Your management style or your recruitment may be the major reason why employment retention is bad in your company.

People complain a lot

There are people who simply like to complain, but if most of your employees have something bad to say, there has to be a problem with your leadership. You will hear these complaints from your office managers or human resource officers.Empathy-vs-Sympathy

Employees Avoid You

Fear may be important in leadership, but it shouldn’t dominate the hearts of your constituents. It will destroy the work environment in your company.

You don’t communicate with your workers

You should know how your employees feel. Otherwise you will never know if they are performing their duties properly.

You do not delegate

If you want to do it right, you have to do it yourself. This is not a good attitude if you are a leader. A good leader knows how to delegate responsibility to their subordinates.m_hate_boss

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