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This is Why Content Is the Most Important Part of Your Digital Marketing

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Digital Content Strategies Exposed

You should keep in mind that you must give value to your audience, keeping your niche in mind. What are their needs? What type of content do they want to see? Am I resolving their issues related to that niche? Ask these questions to yourself. The buyer persona should be kept in mind whether you are trying to sell a product online or a service. Maybe you just want to create awareness regarding some topic. You must aim at meeting the challenges and goals of your targeted audience.

If you are not an expert in content writing, it’s much easier to hire someone to do it for you. These will give you better chances to have a winning strategy. WriterCheap is a great resource and you must have a look at it. Other than that there are tons of resources out there for writing, which might help you out.

Next is content mapping! You need to know where your audience is standing in their buying journey. How ready are they to consume and grasp the content you are displaying on your site? Your goal should be to attack these two strategies:

  • What kind of people and their characteristics, who will be your targeted consumers.
  • How ready is that person to make that purchase, this is where their lifecycle or age comes in.
    In order to format your content, below are three common stages you must go through in order for quality content.

1.Making them Aware.

  • To increase awareness blog posts are credible sources of guidance. Through these, you can build up your organic traffic. Do remember to apply perfected SEO strategies and keywords in your content, to maximize profits.
  • Infographics are quite a credible visual source to increase your chances of getting found. These especially when shared by others definitely creates traffic, alongside make you visible on social media platforms.
  • Videos should be kept short and very convincing. Whiteboard animations are getting quite popular these days or maybe a testimonial of a client sharing his experience using your product or service can be awesome. These are quite shareable and gain popularity easily. YouTube is the best source for this type of content, where you can make your own channel.

2.The second stage is where your client has seen enough of your content and now moving towards consideration.

  • Here is where a more comprehensive approach should be advanced. For that eBooks is a great resource which is quite comprehensive and people are usually willing to share their personal information to receive it like cell number. This will get you more in touch with your clients.
  • Keep in mind your content should be original so, that means if you create a research report it is also supposed to be unique and brand new. For instance if it’s a product or service, you can create a report on the experiences of users and views about it. Like out of 100, 90 people were satisfied and happy with their deals. This can also be picked up by local media so you have major popularity chances.
  • Connect with your clients and give them value. Now you must be wondering how! Use webinars to get live questions, feedbacks, and favor some opportunity to get your message across. This also shows how genuine your product is and how confident are you.

3.Now let’s make a decision.

  • Here is where case studies might come in handy. Though you can opt for a much easier option and that are reviews. These help people make a final decision. Out of 10 people, 9 make their decision based on the unbiased reviews they read.
  • Last but not least, testimonials. These are feedbacks of former customers who had experienced your products and what made you special in their eyes. Though there is much a shorter version and much easier those are comments. Comments of people should also be acknowledged and in case of a question, they should be answered. Do keep in mind; comments are quite vague so there is a chance that someone might not take them seriously.

When will I see the results?

Offline marketing cannot be easily monitored and whether it has worked, the answer to this question stay quite vague. Hence through digital marketing and especially when working on your content, your chances are high that you achieve your target within the next six months.

Eventually, it all depends on the effectiveness of your buyer persona strategy. Though there are methods like ROI, through which you can monitor the growth. It’s all about the hard work you put in. It’s best to use organic methods like content, SEO, and social media marketing to increase traffic. However, if you are using paid online advertising then the results will be much quicker. Though I would advise you to stick with organic methods as they are budget-friendly, sustainable and has long term effects.

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Hints on how to write a helpful review

A great review should have the following qualities:

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  • An excellent review provides the readers with cogent and unbiased information necessary to help them make the best choice.
  • A review must be well-formatted to make reading easier by using multiple paragraphs and avoiding caps.
  • The primary goal of your review must remain to provide accurate and non-salesy information.
  • Above all, let your review be fair and honest.

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