10 Proven Tips For Choosing The Right Career

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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Finding a new job is not quite easy. Unfortunately, choosing the right career can be a little hard to figure out especially if you just got out of college. There are a bunch of things and a long list of careers you should be considering. The first job you land may not be the last you will ever have, and there’s really no way to know if the environment you are at can bring out the best in you.

It gets worse when you are dealing with a bad boss that drives people crazy! Surely, you can try keeping up with an insane pace at the beginning. However, when the pressure takes its toll, you will be dead tired and frustrated! This may be a sign that you need a career change.

I know you’re here to know how to choose a career. Here are some tips for choosing the right career that will keep you on track. Career advisors and career builders agree on these ten tips!
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Best career advices

Evaluate Your Work Style

There is no denying that all careers require a generic skill that we should all hone to land a job. Generic guidelines will place you inside a box and will hinder you from discovering your potential. You can be stuck for years without progress if you are not careful!

Look back and see if your style works. If it doesn’t, it’s time to find out what works. Sometimes, this can take a few trial and errors before you finally get what works. If you can identify your own style that works, it could be a game changer! Leveraging your unique work style will be your ticket to outstanding performance!

Know Your Talents

Your unique talent what will make you an indispensable part of the team. There’s always that one guy who is excellent in one field. He is unmatched, and whenever there is a need for his expertise, people go to him. It seems like nobody else will be able to do it.

What’s the secret? Well, he has identified his talents and honed it. No matter how hard you work to improve your weakness, you will only get to average at most. When you get to identify your talent, own it and be the best in it. If you are already good at your talent, if you put more effort to develop it, you will be unparalleled at it. Find what you do best and improve it. Soon, people will want you on their side. Knowing what you are best can help you unlock how to pick the right career.

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Set Financial Goals

We all need to make a living, right? We need money for groceries, mortgages, taxes, memberships, and other important stuff. With a job, you will be able to cover them all. However, without a financial goal in mind, you will be complacent when you got the basics covered. There will be no need for an increase if everything’s well taken care of, right?

With a financial goal set in mind, you are bound for success! A realistic financial goal can keep you motivated to move to the next higher level.

Do the Math Before Going Back to School

Enrolling for a Master’s Degree or taking up other short courses may seem like the best way to add more skills and become more indispensable to the company. True, you will gain more knowledge and skills, however, will it be worth the cost?

Before you enroll in some fancy class, do the math. Project how much the course will cost and how much it will generate after finishing it. Will you be able to get that promotion after taking the course? Will you get a raise? Will the raise be enough to cover for the incurred expenses? If it does, then go knock yourself out! If it doesn’t, be patient and wait for a better opportunity!

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Assess Your Social Needs

Being an introvert is not a disability. People would always advise you to stop being introvert. But how? It’s easy for people to blurt out those words and push you choosing something that is generic. Well, not all career paths require you to be a social butterfly. If you think you function at your best working with a few people, you can be an analyst or a statistician. If you are good with computers, maybe you can consider programming too. On the other hand, if you are happy mingling with new people every time, some business careers will give you this opportunity. If you have excellent communication skills, there’s something for you in marketing!

Remember that there are careers waiting at every level of social needs and preference.

Conduct Informational Interviews

If you are not sure where about your career or where to dedicate your effort, the best way is to talk to people who have been there. The soundest career tips will come from those people who have executed their career change ideas successfully.

It doesn’t have to be someone from your organization. You can ask people around if they know someone. Politely ask for a meeting and ask questions. Don’t hesitate. Ask the question you’ve been itching to ask. Ask them how they found the answer to how to choose the right career. You will be surprised at how enthusiastic and how excited they are to share how they end up where they are.

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Use Self-Assessment Tools

Are you undecided on which path to take? Exploit the internet. You can find out how to know what career to choose with a few strokes on your keyboard and google it.

There are self-assessment tools that can lead you to where you will be most productive. Well, there are some obvious good career choices related to your degree. However, your skill combinations may be better utilized at some other paths.

Hire a Career Coach

If all else fails, you can always consult a professional to help you come up with the best career for you. Hiring a coach will cost you a serious amount of money, and that may be a pushback. But if you do the math, you can be more productive while having fun doing what you are good at. And you know what, when you love what you do, you won’t easily get tired! A good career coach will have tons of tips for choosing the right career relevant to your situation!

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Get Real-Life Experience

The big companies many employee search and sought for may not be for everyone. If you can’t seem to decide which path to take, still, the best way to find out what is for you is to experience it. Find the job that will most likely suit you and do your best. Find out if it’s the right career for you. If not, find another one. Evaluate your experiences and make sensible and mindful decisions.

Be Patient

Living a fast-paced life and getting things done quickly may lead to frustration whenever you don’t get things your way. It’s our nature to want everything under our control and done the quickest way possible. However, when it comes to career considerations, results may not come overnight.

With patience, you will be able to time your decisions and unlock careers for women and men that suits you.
In times of frustration, actively remind yourself to be patient.


Many people are stuck with work that they don’t really enjoy. And I know you want to avoid what many people had already done. You want to make the most out of your career. You want to reach the top. And you want to be where your skills and talents are most effective. Finding the right career may take time. Choosing a career should be well thought of. Follow these tips for choosing the right career, and you will have a clearer vision.

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