10 Top Paying Jobs at Google

You may have seen The Internship and want a shot at Google yourself. Software engineers earn big amounts of salaries in Google. But there are a lot of other jobs at Google that pay big bucks.

Here are the highest paying jobs at Google:

10. User Experience Researcher ($112,536). Helps Google determine which product works.10-user-experience-researcher

9. Product Marketing Manager ($118,217). Helps Google know what the clients really want.9-product-marketing-manager

8. Software Engineer ($118,994). They are the MVPs of Google, making sure everything works.8-software-engineer

7. Sales Engineer ($119,603). Help customers solve issues with their products.7-sales-engineer

6. Site Reliability Engineer ($124,194). A few moments of having the site down would mean losing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. They make sure the site is going smoothly.6-site-reliability-engineer

5. Software Research Engineer ($126,916). They research potential Google products.5-software-research-engineer

4. Product Manager ($138,951). They handle the sales, marketing managers, software engineers, and almost every other project in Google.4-product-manager

3. Research Engineer ($140,039). They handle the hardware aspect of Google.3-research-engineer

2. Research Scientist ($135,785). Technology advancements need scientists.2-research-scientist

1. Senior Software Engineer ($152,985). The best software engineers in Google make the most money. Without them, Google wouldn’t work in the first place.1-senior-software-engineer

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