Best Jobs For People Who Hate Awkward Small Talks

Introverts don’t like to talk to other people much. They are not fond of chitchat and small talks. There are jobs that require a lot of teamwork, co-worker interaction and sales talk, and these jobs might just not be good for them.

If you are one of the guys who hate small talks, here are some of the best jobs you should try:

  • Archivist. This job involves a lot of documents, records, and collection appraisals. This work does not require much talk, because most of it can be done alone.archivist_11838664-655x280
  • Financial Analyst. This job involves dealing with numbers, data, bonds, and stocks. They study the trends and only get to talk to people during consultation, when investors need expert advice.Pursuing a Career as a Financial Analyst
  • Graphic Designer. Just like artists, graphic designers spend a lot of time alone to think creatively and come up with ideas. This job only requires you to talk during brainstorming on a certain
  • Photographer (Wildlife/Street). Street or Wildlife Photography involves capturing authentic images, which means you will have to spend most of your time alone while waiting for the perfect moment.wildlife-photographer
  • Lab Technician. This job requires you to analyze data and other information in the field of science, especially medicine. This job will put you behind the scenes of manufacturing scientific products.medical-laboratory-technician
  • Freeland Writer/ Blogger. You can write for clients online and do it at home on your own with this job. You can contact your clients via email or chat. Talking is required only rarely, when the client want to call and talk to you.happy_man_computer_600x369
  • Information Technology. Just like graphic designing and freelance writing, IT jobs, like programming is quite an independent job.OB-JW897_PATHSi_H_20100908135305
  • Artist. This involves deep thinking and creativity, which means you have to be alone most of the time with this job.5545761
  • Video, Audio, or Photo Editor. Final Cut, Garage Band, Fruity Loops, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop, are software you can use

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