Best Part Time Student Jobs

If you want to earn some extra cash this summer while you take a break from school, you should try some part-time jobs. There are plenty of jobs available for students during the summer.

  1. Official Bath Tester. There are bathstores that hire luxury bubble bath testers. You must be good at passionately putting to words your sensational soaking experience.
  2. Harry Potter Guide. If you are one of the people who claim to be the biggest Harry Potter fan, this is definitely your dream job. You can be a Harry Potter tour guide in Warner Bros. Studios and tell guests about all the magic spells, trivia and facts you know about the franchise.
  3. Surf Instructor. Summer is about the sun, the sea, the sand, and the surf. You can work as a surf instructor and get an excuse to stay at the beach all day long while getting paid for it. This is best especially if you are good at riding that board. There are countless beaches where you can teach surfing from California to Miami and from the Pacific to the
  4. Disney Character. No, you are not going to dub in a Disney movie; instead, you are going to wear a costume of one of the Disney characters. You can get hired in this job quite easily because there is no past experience needed. If you love Mickey Mouse, Pluto, or Donald Duck, this job is for you.Potd-disney_2779227k
  5. Waterslide Tester. Travel SplashWorld resorts from all over the world with this job and get paid a good enough, £20,000 a year. You just have to check the safety and the fun experience as you ride down the slide. This could easily be the best part-time job for students during the summer.waterslide_2446027k

Here are other honourable mentions:

  • DJ
  • Festival Worker
  • Fashion Designer
  • Model/Drag Queen
  • Work as English teacher abroad

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