10 Jobs Providing Better Earning Opportunities for Woman Than Men

Women have always worked so hard to see to it that the gender equality fight becomes a success. They want to be the same with men in job promotions, leadership and the salaries they earn. The fact remains, men still lie above the women in terms of the earnings. According to Glassdoor report ‘Demystifying the Gender Gap’, women earn 76 to 80 cents per dollar earned by men. This estimate was based on the study of five countries; Australia, France, Germany, UK, and the US. However, if specific jobs are studied, there are a number of jobs where women earn higher than their counterparts. They include:

1. Health Educators

These are the professionals who teach people on how to live a healthy life. Most of their work is always done on the non-profiting organizations, universities, hospitals, businesses, and company offices. It is an important sector that plays a role in reducing the deaths, diseases, and downfalls resulting from careless living. Women working in this job earn relatively 0.9 percent more the men.

2. Procurement Officers

Most well-established organizations have a procurement department. This is the department responsible for purchasing items for the organization. Additionally, they deal with any contracts and price negotiation with vendors. This is a critical department that works closely with the finance department to ensure the organization’s money is well spent. According to CNBC, women playing this role, earn 0.8 percent more than their counterparts.

3. Baking Jobs

Baking Jobs

Most people associate kitchen with women which makes baking a woman’s Job. Surprisingly, men make slightly above 50 percent of the baking population according to Forbes. Normally, their large numbers would make them among the best earning gender in the job. On the contrary, women are the highest paid in this job. They earn approximately 18 dollars more than men per week. This is a large gap that could possibly lower down the percentage of men earning more than women.

4. Detectives

This is a job that offers vital service towards national security. They are responsible for investigating crimes and ensuring the right criminals serve their sentence. It is a job that calls for great sacrifice from an employee. A woman who takes up a job that requires such commitment must be really good in it. According to CNBC, most women detectives earn about 22 percent more than the male detectives.

5. Business Coordinators

This is a role in an organization that is responsible for the administrative activities such as filing, purchasing, billing, and reporting. Women with this responsibility earn 0.5% more than the male counterparts.

6. Communication


People playing this role are popularly termed as communication associates. They are responsible for updating the press and the public on the organization’s developments. It requires a person who has excellent communication skills to ensure the right image of the organization in displayed. Women earn 2.2 percent more than the male in this job.

7. Research Specialists

These are the specialists responsible for helping researchers in data collection and analysis, also known as research assistants. It would be an understatement to say research is a common job like any other. It calls for validation of the data collected and conclusions that will be used to solve critical problems. For instance, the medical research is the most critical because it is about people’s life. Women assistant researchers earn 6.6 percent more than the male on the same field.

8. Social Media Administrator

Since the introduction of the social media platforms, organizations have used them for their benefit. Some use it for communication, informal interaction with their clients and advertisement of their products. For all these aimed functions to succeed, it requires a person who knows how to exploit these resources well. Women given this responsibility earn 1.9% more than men.

9. Social Workers

Social Workers

These are the people responsible for ensuring the welfare of the members of a society. They are professionals who promote social change, cohesion and development. It is the job that has registered among highest gap between what both genders earn. Women earn 7.8 percent more than men.

10. Merchandisers

Businesses especially those selling products thrive through promotions. They mostly promote certain retail products with an aim of increasing their sales. The profit of a business comes from the number of sales they make weekly, daily, or monthly. It requires people who have great convincing power. Women have been found to successfully convince customers. However, this does not mean there are no men who can do the same job better. Women merchandisers earn 7.6 percent more than the men on the same job.

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Generally, men are still above the women in terms of the salaries they earn. However, the listed jobs where women earn more than men have significantly narrowed the gender pay Gap. There has beena decrease on male dominance in the higher salaries over the years. If women continue working with the same force, equality might eventually be achieved. Right now, no happy dances from women expected.Attaining equality in terms of salaries is still a greater task ahead.