Want To Join Healthcare Industry? Here’s How You Can Do It!

The healthcare industry is probably the biggest industry in the entire world because of one reason – we all need access to healthcare services in order to stay healthy and live long lives. The people that are involved in the healthcare industry plays essential roles in the longevity of the human population – and each day, thousands of lives are saved throughout the entire world by people that have chosen a career in the healthcare industry. A report published on the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the healthcare industry’s employment rate will also see a significant increase in the next few years. They estimate that between the years 2014 and 2024, as much as 9.8 million new employment opportunities will become available in this industry, which equals a growth of a staggering 6.5% in just a decade. The two primary benefits that often causes people to pursue a career in the healthcare industry is the fact that they are able to be part of the advancement in healthcare; thus leading to saved lives and, of course, the fact that many of the career opportunities in this industry comes with several benefits and a good salary.

If you have ever considered changing your current career to something in the healthcare industry, you might’ve felt somewhat anxious and unsure about whether or not it would be a good choice. Today, we are here to tell you that it is most definitely possible to achieve this goal – and make a big impact on the lives of many people in the process. You should realize that there are many different opportunities in this industry – changing to a career in the healthcare industry does not necessarily mean you will be working directly with patients as there are many “behind the scene” jobs that also require talented people for the entire healthcare system to work effectively together. Let’s explore the essential steps that you should take to make this change.

Step 1: Where Do You Belong In The Healthcare Industry?

Where Do You Belong In The Healthcare Industry?
Before you set out to switching your career, it is vital that you first find out where you belong in the healthcare industry. Every career opportunity in this industry has particular requirements that you will need to meet – so you cannot simply jump in and declare you are taking on a position in healthcare. You need to be more particular about what role you want to play. There are quite a large number of career opportunities to consider.

Here are a few examples of career opportunities in healthcare:

  • Physician
  • Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Licensed Nurse
  • Home Health Aide
  • Pharmacist
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Health Information Technician
  • Family Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Massage
  • Therapist

These are, of course, only a few examples. It is important to also consider the “behind the scenes” career opportunities, such as working in the Information Technology departments or the administrative careers that are also essential for an effective working healthcare system. While considering the potential career opportunities that may be right for you, make sure you consider what is needed to fill such a position and to consider the average annual salary such a position could have in store for you. It would obviously not be a wise decision to take on a new career opportunity if it pays less than your current job.

During this initial “preparation” step, you should also visit some healthcare institutes in your local area and see if you can find individuals that are appointed similar positions to what you are considering. Talk to them about how they got there, what made them decide to pursue such a career choice and remember to ask them about the requirements they had to meet in order to fill their particular position. This will give you a good understanding of what it will take from you to make the switch to a new career.

Step 2: Decisions and Planning

Decisions and Planning

By now, you should have an idea of the particular career in healthcare that you would like to pursue. You are now also one step closer to becoming part of the healthcare industry. Now that you have a better idea of what you want to do, it is time to start planning. First, you should know (you probably already know this) that colleges and universities can cost quite a lot of money. If you are depending on the money you are currently earning from your day job, then quitting going back to school will most likely not be an option. Do not, however, let this discourage you. There are numerous online courses that you can take if you would rather prefer to study at night and maintain your day job. OEDb reports that, apart from the fact that you can study on your own time and at your own pace, there is also the fact that online courses cost much less than courses at a University and you are able to study in a more comfortable environment – right at home. If you do decide to take an online course, just ensure you enroll at an accredited online college.

Step 3: Enter Your New Career

Enter Your New Career
Okay, so maybe we’ve jumped the gun here a little. Still, if you start out inspired and motivated, spend some time on the initial planning and make time for the courses you need to complete to obtain the required certifications, then you could soon be entering your brand new career in the healthcare industry. After you have gained the necessary certificates and credits, you can opt to help out at a healthcare center in your local area if the particular position you would like to aim for requires some experience and references. Once you have reached all the requirements, the final step is to find an open spot (remember that this industry is growing and new career opportunities are almost always available) at a location of your choice – send your resume, along with the necessary certificates and references, and you could soon start your brand new job and have an impact on this growing industry.

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Considering a change of career to something in the healthcare industry? You are certainly not alone and, considering the fact this particular industry is growing at such a rapid rate, more and more opportunities will continue to arise in the future. While switching to a career in healthcare may seem unreachable at first, consider the benefits that you can gain from such a change in your life. Once you have taken the first steps, things will get easier along the way and, before you know it, you could be qualified to work in this rapidly evolving industry.

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