10 Reasons Why Employees are Not Happy with Our Jobs?

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Last Updated: Jan 4, 2017

Each day for the past several years, months, weeks or days for some, you have been waking up to go do the same thing while others out there who have no jobs wake up and wish they had one. However, once you get one and settle to the same routine, the monotony of it might just kill you and not the job.

If not, work conditions may be unbearable that you wish to leave the place. However, many of us still stay as we need the salary for ourselves, our families and for many other reasons, no matter how much we hate what we are currently doing. This can result in an emotional toll or physical exertion or still pull onto your health status and it starts to deteriorate. Here are some of the factors that are the root causes of why we are not happy with our jobs:

1. Respect

Respect as they say is earned. However, in some work situation, don’t expect, as it simply doesn’t exist. Superiors at the work place see you as a common worker and not a valuable resource for their businesses. They evaluate hard work in terms of the units of production completed in the shift, or number of contracts you bring in a business entity. In addition, your input is disregarded and rights dishonored and nothing can be done about it at the time as you badly need the mingle salary they pay.

2. Right Equipment and Tools

Imagine working in a flower farm, in which you have to get into different sections of harvesting them without the right equipment to work and protect yourself! As we all know, these are dangerous environments to stay in and can result in health complications. Furthermore, the right equipments are required if a superb job is to be accomplished at any given time. This is not the case for many others. They have to sort out the produce and if they ask for tools, they are silenced, ignored, fired or demoted.

3. Personal Life

Personal Life

Employers have total disregard of their employees’ personal life. All they are concerned about is that you missed work for two hours; that is revenue lost translating to loss in profits realized for that specific period. The main reason behind being that late is that your child or family member was in trouble, sick or is ailing at the hospital and there were complications. The stress of it all makes you hate your employer, your job and most probably your inability to quit. Lack of compassion from our superiors may result in people hating their means of livelihoods.

4. Unqualified Supervisor

Imagine having a degree and working under someone who doesn’t understand the requirements of the job. Due to their insecurity that you might take their positions, they become tyrants and pick on you each time. Try and show that you know more and can assist in providing the right solutions they shoot you down. However, that is better than taking your idea and making it their own taking all the credit due.

5. Transparency

The institution has no room to offer explanations for everything that happens; is reported by the media and the employees end up being the last to know of impeding matters. Employees get fed up of the lies cooked and handed to them each time and end up dissatisfied with the job at hand.

6. Politics

No explanations are given of why you are fired or why you have been demoted and your subordinate promoted to your position. Just because he stands for the manager and you tried to stand up for the people.

7. Professional and Personal Growth

Professional and Personal Growth
Satisfaction and happiness in a job environment is brought about by the employees seeing a future opportunity to grow and move on. However, many businesses disregard this dream and prevent any form of growth. The employees end up seeing nothing their future and the complacency of the leaders doesn’t help. Furthermore, the question of whether the superiors will do the right thing is not an option whether it’s in relation to the business or personal.

8. Meangle Salary, high Workload

Some entities make you work like a slave and at the end of it all, you receive peanuts for your salary. In some cases, it is even redacted or reduced on an account of some made up felony that you did and you new nothing about. This makes you hate it even more.

9. Subordination

Each time a project is issued, you are given the responsibility. With a hope of being promoted, having a salary increase or appreciated in a way, you push the project higher. After it has successfully launched and its bringing in revenue, a superior takes all the credit and you remain pushing other projects. This grows on you and you become irritable and ultimately hate your job.

10. Insecurity

Jobs are hard to come by and sometimes just from the words uttered, you can get fired without a reason. Lack of job security makes people itchy and employers may exploit that.

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Each day, don’t wait to get into trouble or fired to realize you hate your job, quit as early as possible and save yourself the humiliation of it.

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