Skills To Learn And Develop That Will Provide A Healthy Freelance Income

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Last Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Developing new skills can make you more employable and increase your potential freelancing income. Self-improvement is so important when it comes to your career.

Most companies don’t provide ongoing training so self-education is of the utmost importance. Inflation is still an issue so some professionals need to earn additional income to stay afloat financially.

Certain skills are valued at much higher hourly rates than others. You don’t have to work full-time to earn a decent amount if you develop these skills at a high level.

The freelance economy is vast and can allow you to work in a niche that you have always wanted. Below are skills you can learn and develop that can provide a healthy freelance income.

Start Improving Your Copywriting

Copywriting is going to be in high demand on most freelancer platforms. Developing your copywriting is about getting constructive feedback from clients.

The fact that you are paid to practice your writing while learning new topics can be quite enjoyable. Various types of content are required with some being blog posts while other copywriters specialize in product descriptions.

Technical writing can be massively profitable for a writer that has expert knowledge on a topic. Writing skills can be so important when trying to convey a message via email if you work directly with clients.

Learning A New Language

Learning a new language can be a gateway to earning from freelancing using your current skills. You can translate documents for a premium as companies are looking for talented translators for various documents. A survey in Spanish translation can be so important for various companies.

Legal document translation along with employee handbooks need to be exact. You do not want issues due to errors in translation giving certain employees the wrong message.

Taking Graphic Design Courses

Graphic design is such an important part of the freelance economy. Skilled designers can make quite a bit of money working on projects that they genuinely enjoy.

The number of courses that will teach you graphic design available online is truly staggering.

Do not underestimate the value of educating yourself along with courses that can help supplement your self-education.

Putting together a portfolio of previous projects is so important when trying to land gigs. All clients will want to see samples of your work so they can understand what type of quality to expect.

Learning A Niche Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be such a vast industry that learning all aspects might seem impossible. The number of gigs on platforms like Upwork is staggering as companies need digital marketing help. Learning a certain niche for a few hours daily can allow you to be an expert over the course of time. The best part of this is that you can do paid projects to help learn and gain valuable experience.

PPC or SEO experts can do a variety of tasks like keyword research or creating an automated PPC strategy. Figuring out which niche is for you will depend on the skills you currently possess.

Consulting with the knowledge that you gain can be massively profitable. You likely will only have a few expenses in the form of subscriptions to digital marketing platforms like SEMrush or Majestic SEO.

Setting up a content calendar is an example of consulting that needs to be done for some companies. Others might need an extensive SEO audit of their website along with their current backlink profile.

Look at other freelancers with similar services offered to get an idea of what you should be charging hourly/per project.

Becoming Proficient With Various Online Tools

The ability to use Hubspot or BuzzStream at an expert level is so valuable. QuickBooks would be another great tool to learn as you could find a gig balancing the books of a small business.

Learning new tools at this level can also help you progress in your career. Even Microsoft Excel can be essential as truly understanding how to use this tool can unlock its full potential.

You will no longer have to feign expert knowledge on a certain tool on your resume if you learn one tool quarterly. Think of the time spent learning as an investment in furthering your career and maximizing your freelance income.

Freelancing can truly change your life as additional income can improve your quality of life. The elimination of worrying about finances can reduce overall stress levels.

Improve your skills as it is an investment of time that can help provide a huge return in the form of increased freelance income.

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