High Paying Jobs You Can Get With Only a High School Diploma

The economy is slowly getting back on fast track as it starts to make an upturn, but a lot of people do not feel its impact with many still jobless. A college degree is a big help, but there are plenty of high paying job opportunities even for people who only have high school diplomas.

Here are high paying jobs for people with high school diplomas:

Police and Patrol Officers

The difficult training and high-risk nature of this job brings high-reward for people in this career with an average of $56,130 a year salary. Those who land in this job get as low as $32,670 to $90,7000 a year.

Real Estate Brokers

This career is filled with opportunities for young people. By helping other people handle the sales, purchases and rent of properties, real estate agents can earn an average of $59,580. The bottom earners get $24,360 a year while the top earner rakes in as much as $187,050 a year.

Claims, Investigators, Examiners, Appraisers, Adjusters

People who work in this field are the main players when it comes to evaluating insurance claims. They can earn an average income of $61,190. The lowest income is $37,220, while the top earner gets $90,570.

Detectives and Criminal Investigators

You can land in this job by being promoted as a police officer. They make searching really easy for different agencies. Their average income is $76,730. The lowest earner gets $40,110, while the top earner gets $125,320.

Gaming Manager

They manage the workers in a casino. They are paid big because they provide fun and perks that make people come back to play more and spend more in the casino. They get an average of $66, 200. The lowest earner gets $38,770, while the top earner gets $117,450.

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