Highest Paying Home Based Jobs

There is an exodus of employees from the office to their own homes. This may be exaggerated, but according to Elance and oDesk CEO Fabio Rosati, there is a huge growth of money being spent by US businesses on freelance workers in 2014, which indicates a transition of work to the Internet.

Elance-oDesk is a broker between freelance workers and businesses who need their skills. According to the company, there are some 2.7 million jobs being posted each year. The total income of all the freelancers looking for jobs in Elance-oDesk have grown by 50% every year for the last five years, according to the company’s data.

According to Rosati, businesses are looking for freelance workers because they need quality jobs done in just a short period of time. It is beneficial for businesses because they can just hire workers, as they need jobs done, while freelance workers also get jobs anytime they want with their flexible schedule and workplace.

The best thing for freelance workers is they can earn really high in the comfort of their homes while they are with their family. With the right skills one can earn as high as $112 an hour as an online freelance worker.

Here are the top highest paying home-based jobs according to Elance and oDesk data from January 1 to May 31 2014:

10. Legal Writing $49.20 per hour

09. Amazon Web Service $49.40 per hour

08. Statistical Analysis $49.60 per hour

07. network Administration $51.10 per hour

06. Investment Research $53.20 per hour

05. Google Website Optimizer $53.80 per hour

04. Startup Consulting $54.00 per hour

03. Ruby Programming $61.00 per hour

02. Voice Acting $72.70 per hour

01. Patent Law $112.20 per hour

Other honourable mentions:

  • Database Developing $47.60 per hour
  • Python Programming $45.80 per hour
  • Django Framework Development $41.20 per hour
  • User Experience Design $43.68 per hour
  • Internet Security $41.60 per hour

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