Exciting Summer Jobs for Teenagers To Add More Cash In Their Pockets

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Last Updated: May 19, 2017

There are several job opportunities for teenagers to undertake during summer holiday and boost their pocket money. You should be well prepared for what you are going to do during holiday in advance and avoid waiting until you close school so that you look for a job. Make sure that you are engaged during the holiday for improved productivity.

Five Ways Of Finding Job Opportunity Or Work During Summer Holiday

You are advised to look for job opportunity or work early enough before the school closes. Therefore you must plan in advance and find ways of getting one. The following ways help you find a chance to work during your summer holiday:

1. Ask Around

Ask your family members, friends or close relatives for any job opportunity or work at their place. These are people who know you well and they can help you find a place for you to work during the holiday easily. You are also advised to ask your teachers to help you find a place for you and you can check with your local community notices if there is any job that fits your qualifications.

2. Dress Well For Interviews

Dress Well For Interviews You are required to dress as decently during interviews as this will send a positive message to your employer and they might consider your request. Ensure that you carry with you relevant certificate such as your CV.

3. Self Marketing

You can also start by marketing yourself to your friends, family or potential employer through telling them about what you would like to do and the skills you have. This will make them see you as a self driven and motivated person and they can consider you at their place of work.

4. Visit Job Search Sites

Make a habit of checking on the sites that helps you search for a job for teenagers. You can search the job that you ant through your interests, location, company or age easily.

5. Have Your References Ready

Have Your References Ready
This is a document that can be in form of letter that contains the names and contacts of persons who will recommend for you a certain job. These people can be your close relatives, family members or your teachers.

Jobs For You During Summer Holiday

1. Tutor

This is the best way for you to spend the holiday. You can prepare notices that indicate your availability as a tutor subjects that you are interested and well versed with and pin them on notices around the town. You can tutor younger children on your area of interests such as piano or school work. Teaching will also help you perfect in the area and do well come next school term.

2. Cooking

You can offer to cook for old aged people or in a home where they need one in return of payment. This will help you know more about cooking as well as helping you earn money. You can also offer to cook in a hotel and get paid. It is an opportunity that also helps you cook your favorite sell to people around.

3. Drinks

You can opt to sell homemade juice to people on the streets and earn your cash. You can also take the juice and some snacks to people in construction sites.

4. Babysitting

If there is a need of babysitting and you are around, take the opportunity and earn your money per hour. You can do this best through feeding the baby well and playing with him or her.

5. Dishwasher

This is an easy job as you are required to wash dishes in a restaurant or a hotel for money. This does not require any qualifications.

6. Lifeguard

This is an opportunity for an individual who is good at swimming and can be a lifeguard in leisure places with swimming pool.

7. Shop Jobs

You can offer to assist in selling shops during your holiday for payment. You are required to be careful with recording and balancing for a tracking your sales.

8. Buying And Selling

You can buy items in the market and resell them at a profit to your family members, friend or neighbors. You can also set a place to sell your items in the market.

9. Washing Cars

Washing Cars
This is also an easy task to do as you require necessary detergents and water for a start. If you are thinking of keeping yourself engaged during the holiday with this kind of job then start washing your mum’s or dad’s car at home for perfection.

10. Making And Selling Jewelry

This is an opportunity for those who have an interest in art work and can make them. They can then sell them to your peers or other people.

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Summer jobs for teenagers are one way of keeping them engaged and boost their earning. You must be aware of the regulations guarding the employment of teens by the government for better working relations. You are also required to prepare in advance of your holiday and start looking for the opportunities.

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