Jobs That Will Be Obsolete In The Near Future

Almost half of the jobs in the US are at risk of becoming obsolete because they will soon be automated.

Here are the top jobs that are at risk of dying out:

Retail Salesperson. One employee can handle 20 checkout machines because of automation. Online marketing has also hurt major in-store retailers. This job will be obsolete very soon with a 92 percent risk of automation.salesperson

Loan Officer. Underwriting software can make it easier for companies to find out if a person is legible for loans by checking his or her vital financial information. This job has 98 percent risk of

Library Technician. Library cards and information can be done through computerized catalogues. This job has a 99 percent risk of automation, and it will be obsolete very soon.Librarian

Telemarketer. Sales telemarketing does not require too much social intelligence, which means it can be automated. This job has a 99 percent risk of automation and can die out soon.telemarketer

Dental Laboratory Technician. Because of intra-oral scanners, dentists can now take digital impressions of their patients, which mean dental laboratory technicians can be

Mathematical Technician. Computers can now do the impossible tasks that mathematicians do.math tech

If you want to save yourself from these dying jobs, here are the jobs that have the lowest risk of being automated and obsolete:

Logistician. Some of the responsibilities in this job can be automated, but only people can respond to changes, which are vital in this field. This job only has a 1.2 percent of being automated.logistician

Human Resource Manager. There are not verbal non-verbal messages that applicants do and only humans can truly spot. This gives this job only a 1 percent automation rate.HRM

Elementary School Teacher. You simply can’t leave the children’s education to computers.elem teach

Financial Analysts. The innovation and creativity of a human brain is still very important in making vital financial analyst

Registered Nurse. Human skills are needed in assessing health care issues and in educating the patients properly.RN

Computer System Analyst. The field of computer can easily be automated. However, the ever changing demands require the human brain to work on the advancements of programs and software.COMP analyst

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