Jobs The Marijuana Industry Creates

Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, but only for recreational purposes. It has increased the tax revenue of these states significantly.marijuana

Tax revenue is one of the best benefits that attract local governments to legalize marijuana. Besides this, the new job opportunities it can provide are also very attractive.Tax revenue

Here are some notable jobs being created by the legalization of marijuana:

Creating Edibles. Coffee, baked goods, oatmeal, candy and even soda, almost all edible products have marijuana versions. You can get into this business, but you have to prepare to face the competition and the strict allowable content rules.Creating Edibles

Processing Concentrates. Concentrates processors must be good in chemistry and should be prepared to face its dangers since it includes harsh oils. Concentrates are becoming very popular because vaporizers are now becoming commonplace and it has powerful effects medical cannabis patients need.Processing Concentrates

Glassware Merchant. With the legalization of marijuana, there will be an increase in the demand for bongs, vaporizers and pipes. You can get into this business as a retailer or a manufacturer.Glassware Merchant

Delivery and Courier Service. You can use a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car to deliver marijuana from the store to the buyers’ doorstep, just like delivering a pizza order. You can be the delivery boy, or you can own a delivery company with delivery personnel.    Delivery and Courier Service

Security. The privacy of the customers and the safety of the transfer of money and product should be protected. Jobs in security spiked during the legalization of marijuana.Security

Retail Shop Owner. If you want to get into the Marijuana business, might as well put up out own store. You should have enough entrepreneurial skills to be successful in this.Retail Shop Owner

Here are the rest of the jobs created by the legalization of marijuana:

  • Reviewers
  • Trimmer
  • Tourism
  • Administrative
  • Budtender
  • Regulators
  • Web & Software
  • Farmer
  • Seed harvester
  • Consultants

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