Main reasons why people quit their jobs

Leaving a job is a very painful decision. Sometimes you have been part of an organization for several years becoming part and parcel of all that go on in the organization – the office culture, routines, habits, gossips, etc.

Then there are those who you have personal connections with like those co-workers that you love most; those who have been close to you may be in time of need, and even those who have been coming to you for help, or just confiding in you.

Switching a job means saying goodbye to all these people and it can become quite emotional.

But what really pushes people to leave their jobs? Let’s have a look at some of them:

Changing a job may help you gain wide experience in your field. Think of the learning curve you experienced when you started your current job. Probably you have attained your current position as a result of some training by the company, some mastery of your daily tasks and adaptation.

You can move to a new job because you want to advance in your career. May be your current job has become monotonous and there is nothing new to learn.

Your employer may not be willing to give you a pay-raise, or maybe your salary has reached a point where increasing it may strain the company’s budget. But the fact still remains, no salary will ever be enough for you and if you get an opportunity with better pay, you can decide to quit.

You may also find that another company is paying a better salary for the same job you are currently engaged in. that can also give you a reason to move because you will feel as if you are being misused.
You can also quit just because you can not stand your boss any longer. If your boss is making your life miserable, you might consider trying a different station.

There is always some friction between the boss and the employee once in awhile, but if it becomes so often this may be a justification to move out as the situation can lead to bitterness and resentment.
You would even be better off working for a low-paying company and have a peace of mind than a high-paying job with a lot of stress.

Another problem associated with this is when a co-worker or some co-workers are creating a hostile environment for you at the work place. This mainly happens when the co-workers are envious of your position or because they are sycophants to the boss. They will always try to find fault with your tasks and report to the boss. If that is the case, you can call it quits.

You may also decide to quit if your employer is about to fail. Nobody wants to continue staying in a burning house or a sinking ship. Jump off! The company may be facing difficult times because of declining markets or because of stiff competition. Some of the failure may be as a result of poor decision by the management. You don’t want to be a victim of this failure; you can find a new job in a stable company before it is too late.

You may also decide to quit your current job if you have a better offer or if you have trained for a new career.

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