Top 11 Reasons You Should Consider Majoring in Communications

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Last Updated: Aug 5, 2021

As a degree major, communications are often quite underrated. Some people even consider it to be an ‘easy’ option, but if you are interested in taking this route, don’t let this misguided opinion put you off. Just because there isn’t a lot of math or science involved in a communications major, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide you with a very useful education that opens doors to several different opportunities.

Communications majors are becoming more and more necessary in a continuously connected, digitalized world that we live in today. Communication is much broader than it sounds. While most people might immediately think about journalism, there are tons of different fields that someone with this major can get into. It’s a versatile degree program that could land you a career in television, film, advertising, digital marketing, research, public relations, and more.

Majoring in communications means that you have a flexible qualification that provides you with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different work areas in the future.

Communications Professionals are in Demand

Today, the majority of major companies will deal with some form of communications on a day to day basis. If companies do not hire an in-house communications team, they will often outsource to agencies or even freelance professionals. Without skilled communications professionals, companies of all sizes would struggle to get very far without being able to let the public know about their company’s new developments, engage with their customers and put marketing strategies to customers in a message that they can understand.

In fact, a bachelors’ degree in communications is becoming more and more relevant to digital marketing in today’s world. Studying communications will ensure that you are on top of all the latest trends including social media, video engagement, influencers, AI, interactive content, and more. Click here to learn more about how a degree in communications could be the best starting point for your digital marketing career.

Learn Valuable Transferable Skills

A degree in communications will provide you with the foundation on which to build a range of excellent and high-demand transferable skills that will come in handy regardless of where your degree eventually takes you. For example, strong writing and articulation skills are something that companies in every industry will value and appreciate, and majoring in communications requires you to work on developing these skills in almost every class that you take. By the time you graduate, you will have learned a wide range of skills that the majority of employers are looking for, including strong written and verbal communication skills, research skills, writing skills, and much more.

The Field is Growing and Evolving

Contrary to popular belief, the fields of communication and journalism are not dying out – old methods are being replaced with new ones, and the fields are evolving at a rapid pace. Paper journalism may no longer hold the weight that it once did, but it has been replaced with a much higher level of broadcast and online journalism that is increasingly more relevant today. Online journalism itself has evolved over the years from press releases to a wide range of online tasks such as engaging with followers on social media, managing crises online, and much more. And, communications is not just relative to the news; it is used by every company with an online presence, which is the majority of companies today. The truth is that with a degree in communications, you are unlikely to struggle to find some kind of work.

Communications is Everywhere

Whether you watched an episode of a TV show online or read a political article that was shared by a friend on Twitter or Facebook, you can be sure that the one thing almost everything that you consume online today has in common is that it is brought to you by communications professionals. While a major in communications might not get the recognition that it deserves, it’s safe to say that without communications majors, most of the sources that society takes advantage of for their daily news, entertainment, and staying connected would be no more.

Improve Your Overall Communications Skills

Good communication skills have never been more important, and what’s better than a degree in the subject to vastly improve how you communicate with anybody in any situation? Communication varies a great deal across various levels of formality, from informal chats with friends to formal speeches by world leaders. Communications professionals need to learn how to communicate with different audiences and for various purposes all the time. This major will prepare you to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible. And, if you are interested in psychology, it will also help you understand the psychological and sociological processes behind how people think and communicate and turn this into actions and words that make an impact.

Use Your Communication Skills to Enhance Your Career

Many people who enroll in a communications degree program do so in order to prepare themselves for a future career in a wide range of organizations. Since communications are so broad and communications professionals are in-demand almost everywhere, it is an ideal choice of major for anybody who would like to keep their options open and graduate faced with a wide range of opportunities to choose from. And, the communication skills that you will learn during this degree can be massively helpful when it comes to enhancing your career. Not only will you learn how to communicate with others articulately and professionally, but you’ll also learn how to persuade and get the message across, which can certainly work in your favor when you find yourself in a situation where you need to stand out from a crowd of job candidates.

Specialize Your Interests

As mentioned earlier, the broadness of communications makes it an excellent choice of the degree program for anybody who is unsure of the exact direction that they want their career to take. As you study for a communications degree, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a wide range of different industries and career opportunities that you will be able to take advantage of. As you learn more about the various areas where communications can be applied and figure out your interests and passions, you can adopt a more specialized approach to studying and focus your effort on the field of communication that best aligns with your professional goals.

Career Changes Come Easier

The wide applications of a degree in communications mean that later down the line, anybody with a communications qualification wanting to change or pivot their career can do so easily. Since a degree in communications covers a wide range of different fields and roles, it’s possible for somebody to change from a career in journalism to business marketing, or from public relations to human resources, for example. New business opportunities are constantly arising and the ongoing digitalization of businesses is only going to create more future opportunities that are ideal for anybody with a communications background in the future.

Work in a Field You Care About

Sometimes, deciding between working in a field that you truly care about or opting for a career with a stable salary, high job demand, and career opportunities can be difficult. The good news for communications majors is that your degree gives you the opportunity to do both. With a degree in communications, you have the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy a career in almost every industry around the world. And with more and more businesses turning to online communications to connect with customers and execute marketing strategies, the demand for good communications professionals in every industry is only going to rise in the future. As a result, it’s entirely possible to get into a thriving communications career in an industry that is close to your heart.

Self-Employed Opportunities

A career in communications can be very flexible and is an ideal route to take if you want to consider being self-employed or freelance in the future. Many businesses will work with freelance and self-employed communications professionals in order to save money on hiring in-house, and the demand for good communications services from businesses of every size in every industry means that this can be a very lucrative business option for anybody who wants to be their own boss. Many people who successfully start their own business and travel around the world while working, for example, work in communications simply because many aspects of this work are easier than ever to execute online.

Be Creative

If you are a creative person who needs a career where you can come up with new ideas and new strategies, communications could be ideal for you. Many of the broad career choices in the communications field are based on creativity and offer interesting work with a lot of self-direction and plenty of opportunities to take initiative and make your own decisions.

If you’re a creative person looking for a fulfilling, interesting and secure career path in a field that’s more relevant than ever before, there are plenty of reasons to consider opting to major in communications.

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