Odd Old Jobs Of Fashion Industry’s Biggest People

Anyone can be an artist. That’s how wide the market for artistry is. However, not everyone can be an artist. Not everyone can get the chance to express their artistry on a worldwide scale. The artists listed in this article may have not attained the level of stardom they have achieved in the fashion world if they have pursued a career somewhere else. For them it took a lot of hard work and grit for their fashion work to be recognized. They could have been ordinary people and imagine what the world could have been if they were like us, ordinary.

1. Christian Louboutin. If it’s red sole, it’s his creation. This man is perhaps the biggest name in the shoe industry, thanks to the important people who wear his designs. But before he became a worldwide sensation, he was an ordinary gardener, tending flowers to some rich man’s lawn.Portrait-Christian-Louboutin-Credito-Stephan-Gladieu-MD

2. Leighton Denny. This man used to be a forklift truck operator before he became an international nail guru. Denny once made a trip to the US and had his eyes open to how the UK nail market is so behind from the American market. Now, 800 salons use his nail products worldwide.leighton-denny_2986924a

3. Vivenne Westwood. She is a household name across the world but before her star shined she was working as a primary school teacher. Not until she reached the age of 30 did she decide to open her own shop down London’s King’s Road.Vivienne-Westwood-_2735190a

4. Tom Ford. This beautiful man dabbled in the art of acting before he revived the dying brand of Gucci. After his fashion success, he launched his own brand. Imagine American fashion without the creations of Tom Ford.img-tom-ford-2_145041825646.jpg_pyramid1

5. Natalia Vodianova. She was scouted in Moscow, while selling fruits to everyone who passes by. Now she’s a catwalk star, modeling for various brands such as Gucci, and has her own charity to help the children from Russia.955518-natalia-vodianova-pour-etam-950x0-2

6. Giorgio Armani. His empire is now worth $10 billion. But before this now 80-year-old man founded his company, he was an infirmary in Verona.Giorgio_Armani

7. Miuccia Prada. Prada is a multi-billion dollar powerhouse, thanks to this person. But once, a long time ago, Miss Miuccia was very passionate about becoming a mime artist.006-miuccia-prada-theredlist

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