• Successful Career Change


    Five Essential Steps to a Successful Career Change

    There are a lot of reasons for which you could decide, one day, a career change is in order. Maybe genuinely don’t like your job, or your boss is no longer the person he or she once was and... Read More

  • Sending Dozens of Job Applications


    Why Sending Dozens of Job Applications Isn’t the Way to Go?

    Unemployment is a tough business, so it’s understandable that we’re looking to put it behind us as fast as possible. Most of us have probably had a friend or relative who lost their job and they were, understandably, pretty... Read More

  • 5 Social Media Power Tips to Get the Perfect Job


    5 Social Media Power Tips to Get the Perfect Job

    It isn’t contestable that social media is part of our lives now. When utilized properly, these platforms can help you build your brand. This is why, if you are looking for a new job, social media should be your... Read More

  • 6 Tips on How to Make New Friends on Your First Jobs


    6 Tips on How to Make New Friends on Your First Jobs

    Friends are among the most essential requirements for a human to live happily on earth. No one has wish of being lonely person in their lifetime. Friendship is even much more important in workplace. It promotes effective teamwork and... Read More

  • 7 Creative Office Designs That Make You Work Better


    7 Creative Office Designs That Make You Work Better

    With research indicating that 86% of the American workforce have a job that involves sitting down for most of the day, it’s never been more important to create a happy, healthy working environment if you want to get the... Read More

  • 4 Proven Ways Networking


    4 Proven Ways Networking Can Help You Land On Better Jobs

    Networking is important if you want to land on a quality, high paying job that you would love. A lot of job opportunities are never advertised, you can only hear about these hidden jobs from a company insider before... Read More

  • Best Part Time Student Jobs


    Best Part Time Student Jobs

    If you want to earn some extra cash this summer while you take a break from school, you should try some part-time jobs. There are plenty of jobs available for students during the summer. Official Bath Tester. There are... Read More

  • Jobs

    Jobs That Will Be Obsolete In The Near Future

    Almost half of the jobs in the US are at risk of becoming obsolete because they will soon be automated. Here are the top jobs that are at risk of dying out: Retail Salesperson. One employee can handle 20... Read More

  • Jobs

    Highest Paying Home Based Jobs

    There is an exodus of employees from the office to their own homes. This may be exaggerated, but according to Elance and oDesk CEO Fabio Rosati, there is a huge growth of money being spent by US businesses on... Read More


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