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Last Updated: Sep 8, 2016

Just graduated and probably wondering what path to take? After having spent your time in an internship program that never materialized, there are a number of things that will cross your mind as you have needs that should be met. Finding a flexible job is not a walk in the park, but the jobs outlined below offer you an opportunity to earn a decent wage.

1. Babysitting

Unlike most other jobs, being a nanny or babysitting needs you to have some level of experience with child handling. Most individuals prefer seeing a resume that has information concerning your experience before they make the decision to hire you. Most people prefer family references to be particular. If at all you have some level of experience in it, and probably have families that can be used as references, it’s definitely a great gig. This job is often part time and will leave you with ample time to engage in other activities while earning good money.

2. Bartender or Host

Bartender or Host

Most struggling artists tend to turn to the hospitality industry in order to get a stable paycheck. The schedule is both steady and flexible. For an up-scale restaurant, the income is good and there are some solid bonuses such as getting a free meal during your shift and discounts offered on meals during your off days, which highly depends with a restaurant.

The employment culture has become too fluid, as people continuously quit and get hired regularly for many reasons. Due to the transient nature of employment, restaurants continuously hire and it’s an industry that most people fall back on frequently.

3. Temp

When administrators and receptionists take an absence leave or probably call in sick, and happen to be crucial for the business to run efficiently and effectively. The business requires the services of a staffing agency, which will in turn send a temporary staff to fill for the one in absentia. Most of the staffing companies have the intention of getting their workers full-time jobs, which are often administrative-based. While temping, consider choosing and picking assignments that have a good wage and perfectly fits your schedule.

4. Tutoring

If at all you are an intellectual in a specific subject area or great in drama or musical instrument, becoming a tutor may enable you earn a decent income, which is properly compensated on hourly basis and has a flexible schedule. This type of job needs some level of education that most part time jobs don’t consider crucial. If at all you performed well in school, you might as well consider it; it has a good pay.

5. Lyft or Uber Driver

Both Lyft and Uber have greatly changed the transport availability in several metropolitan areas. This is definitely a simple side engagement that only requires you to have your driving license, good driving record and a vehicle of course. It is a good way of earning extra money.

6. Handy Man

Handy Man
There is a website referred to as TaskRabbit, which enables you to hire out your services as a handy man. You can assist in different jobs such as assembling shelves, moving, running errands, housecleaning, as a personal assistant etc. If clients are in need of such assistance, the website will match them with “taskrabbits”. All you need to do is simply select the jobs within your locality and set rates by outlining your pay and schedule.

7. Dog Sitter or Walker

Very few jobs exist that offer the same flexibility as dog sitting. This job can be handled depending on your schedule. The job is flexible since it focuses the time you work, leaving you adequate time to engage in other productive activities and also apply for jobs and interviews.

If you really need to make more money for more work, you can consider boarding dogs in your premises while the pet owner is not around. For instance is a good alternative for a boarding pet house. It is a good way to make money, for a job you enjoy doing. For those who love animals and live in a place that allows you to keep pets, this is a good part-time job for you.

8. Food Delivery

Food Delivery

If at all you own a bike, scooter or vehicle, and have a good knowledge of your town area, food delivery is a good way to make a decent income while on a moderately flexible schedule. If you don’t prefer this, then consider going for a Postmates driver job.

Postmates can be described as a service of delivering food by restaurants that don’t offer delivery services. This particular force comprises individuals who intend to make extra money by simply providing delivery services. For this one, you need to make your own schedule and you are required to do pick-ups. For the case of website advertisers, you can make even $25 in an hour and tips of course.


While you are still thinking of what to pursue as a career, it is important to consider the above jobs. You will be assured of earning a decent income that can continue sustaining you while you make your decisions. You certainly have a wide range of options that may even open greater opportunities for you or help you discover your passion. You never know!

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