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Beware of Dire Stock Market Crash, Economist Warnings

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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2017

Several renowned investors and distinguished economists are warning about the possibility of the stock market crash. The founders of Quantum Fund, Jim Rogers, and George Soros have warned that the ‘Biblical’ $68 trillion collapse might eradicate millions of Americans. Some months ago, Mark Faber told CNBC that stocks are about to go down significantly like never witnessed before. According to Faber, 2017 will go down in history as the year the stock market was at its lowest and urged investors to be more cautious.

Warnings from Notable Economists

According to another celebrated economist Andrew Smithers, “currently U.S stocks are approximately 80% overvalued” The chief economist supports his claim using a ratio that confirms that the only time in history the stock market was this risky was in 1929 and 1999. These years are considered to be the worst in history because stocks fell terribly by approximately 89% in 1929 and 50% in 1999.

The Scotland Royal Bank has said that the stock market is flashing stress alerts in the same way as the 2008 crisis. The bank has even urged its clients to trade everything. This shows just how serious the situation has become. Blue chip stocks such as IBM, Microsoft, and Apple will plunge. Investors who are still not convinced enough by these statistics should at least take serious the words of one James Dale Davidson. Davidson is the renowned economist who foresaw the stock market collapse of both 1999 and 2007. Now, the famed economist warns that the three major economic pointers are screaming SELL. This does not mean that a 50% stock market collapse is looming, but it is already happening. Mr. Davidson correctly predicted the same before, so people need to pay heed.

Budget Analysis Davidson’s previous stock market crash predictions have been very precise such that he’s been invited to counsel and shake hands with former presidents such as Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. Moreover, he has had the opportunity to become friends and assemble with the likes of Steve Forbes, George Bush Sr., Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Boris Yeltsin and Sir Roger Douglas. All these notable individuals are fully aware of the fact that Davidson is a man of his words and whenever he makes a prediction, he comfortably backs it up.

Davidson has even proved his point in a new controversial video. In the video, Davidson uses about 20 unquestionable charts to drive his point home. Using his unquestionable charts, he warns that a stock market crash of 50% isn’t around the corner, but is already happening. The most alarming revelation is what the famed economist says will bring about the collapse. Surprisingly, the China meltdown, the presidential election or even the Wall Street speculation have nothing to do with the collapse.

The Economic “Curse.”

Instead, Davidson has linked the collapse to the economic “curse” that our elected officials were warned about by our Founding Fathers. To make matters worse, this “curse” was recently triggered. Although the future might appear unwelcoming, as Davidson puts it, we don’t have to fall victims to the future. According to Davidson, people who are on the right track of whatever is ahead can still seize the various opportunities that only come once in a lifetime.

The Economic Curse In his latest video presentation, Davidson makes public what his family and friends are doing to get ready. Although his method is controversial and even unconventional, it has been proven to work. Initially, Davidson wanted the video to be available for a certain group of people only. However, he recently came to a decision to make his message known to the public. In the past few months, his company has spent more than $10 million to get his critical message out. According to an anonymous viewer, Davidson has used clear evidence on his video to spell out the alarming collapse. Moreover, he does this in a simple language that is easily understandable by everyone. He uses a $5 bill, a sandcastle not forgetting clear-cut analogies to prove his claims.

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The last financial crisis doubled the U.S. national debt, stock valuations are ridiculously high, and the corporate debt has doubled. Notable economists and investors have expressed their concerns about the possible collapse of the stock market. The collapse is claimed to be the biggest the world has ever seen and will have devastating effects. According to a prophetic economist by the name of Andrew Smithers, the U.S. stocks are currently 80% overvalued. This is completely not good because the figures might even be higher. The Scotland Royal Bank has confirmed that the flashing stress alerts are similar to those witnessed during the 2008 crisis. The bank has even instructed its customers to sell everything. Reliable sources have warned that even blue chip stocks such as Microsoft, Apple and IBM will plunge. Crashes are infrequent and are characterized by 50% index drop from a previous high. Investors who understand these warnings have already started getting out of the stock market. These are unsafe times, and wise investors are already moving their money. Moreover, investors are making important preparations before things get out of control completely.

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