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Ibizan Villas For Sale For The Party Animals

Ibiza is one of the world’s most coveted destinations when it comes to wild parties in wild clubs with wild people. If you can’t get the hangover from your wild Ibizan-escapades off your head and you just want to live in this party paradise forever, you might as well just buy a place to stay. Ibizan Real Estate industry has released A-List properties. And they’re not just ‘properties’; they are newly built villas that have more than enough space so you can host your Ibiza party. These villas can be yours if you have the money.

1. Sa Calesta Hill. This is located south of Ibiza. It can be yours for £10.8 million. It is an 11,850 sq ft villa that houses six bedrooms, a gym, an entertainment room, a pools table, a salon, and an infinity pool. It also has recent music system technology that really makes it ideal for house parties. Sa9

2. Atzarro Villa. This four bedroom villa boasts of a very large backyard pool with outdoor showers and an underfloor heating system in case it gets too cold. This can be yours for £3 million.Atz3

3. Contemporary New Villa, San Juan. This £1.7 million property is only a 5-minute walk away from the beach. It offers spectacular views, minimalist interior decors, and a walk-in wardrobe to name a few. The field if filled with olive, almond, and other fruit trees. It also has a swimming pool and a fish pond.635

4. Casa Libelai, Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera. This property has been around since 2004 and has hosted numerous epic house parties. It’s recently refurbished to cater to a family who enjoys both the peace and the local vibe of Ibiza. The technology in the house is state of the art and the house parking area can accommodate 10 cars.  All of this can be yours for £4.5 million.Casa

5. Calaconta Villa, San Jose. This housing development is a luxury gated and beach front. If you have £2.3 million, you can enjoy a concierge service, a fitness club, and a spa. this place is perfect for nature lovers as the developers boast of eco-friendly power technologies that surround every villa. Cala1

6. Cala Moli Villa. This £2.2 million property is perched on a hill and gives a breathtaking view of the west coast sea. It has six bedrooms, a large master’s bedroom balcony, and an infinity pool to name a

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