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Mind Blowing Facts About Warren Buffet’s Wealth

As of August 21, 2014, Warren Buffet is worth $66.2 billion. But the third richest man in the world didn’t always have his billions.

Here are some interesting facts about Warren Buffet you might not know about:

  • Warren Buffet started to earn his billion after he turned 50 years old. He made 99 percent of his wealth after the age of 50, and 95 percent of his wealth was acquired after he was 60 years old.99-of-Buffetts-wealth-was-earned-after-his-50th-birthday-
  • Berkshire returned 80 percent on book value per Class A share in 2008 to 2013, beating S&P 500 which returned 128 percent.Berkshires-Book-Value-beat-the-SP-500-in-43-out-of-44-years-on-a-5-year-rolling-average-basis-1.jpg
  • Warren Buffet holds the longest track record when it comes to beating the market outperforming other great investors longer than anyone else.Among-legends-Buffett-has-the-longest-track-record-for-beating-the-market-.jpg
  • His net worth is incredibly greater compared to the 2013 GDP of Ghana and Cambodia combined. Ghana’s 2013 GDP is around $47 billion, while Cambodia’s 2013 GDP is $15 billion.Ghana and Cambodia Combined
  • In 2013, Warren Buffet earned more in a day than Jennifer Lawrence did the entire year. Jennifer Lawrence is Forbes second highest earning actress with a total of $34 million in 2013, but buffet earned $37 million a day that year.Jennifer Lawrence

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