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Mistakes Leaders Don’t Know They Make

Entrepreneurs must have great leadership skills to ensure their teams are properly inspired and motivated to work on the winning side of any company or organization. There are plenty of books, videos, and trainings that would develop the leadership skills of an entrepreneur. However, there is not much information about mistakes leaders make.

Here are the major mistakes leaders make that they probably don’t know they are doing:

  1. Ruins trust by not keeping promises, not walking the talk, and lying. This is obvious, but still a lot of leaders unconsciously violate this.
  2. If you are so full of yourself, you will lose your influence. Celebrate and commend your team member’s success.
  3. Not having clear goals and targets to hit is a major leadership mistake, because this will lead to productivity and failure to achieve.
  4. Unkind and unapproachable leaders will breed rebels; not followers. Be friendly and kind-hearted to your team or employees.
  5. Visualization is important, but optimism should be balanced with realism. You should not only focus on your dreams, you should also equally consider the statistics.
  6. Leaders who are not passionate and creative are rarely followed, because they are not inspiring. People want to follow a beacon of light that can inspire hope and kindle innovations.
  7. Not thinking five steps ahead is not just a chess player’s mistake; it is also a leader’s mistake that may sink the entire organization. Anticipate your next move, as well as your competitors’.
  8. A motivational or an inspirational speech may raise the morale of your team; but it is never enough. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. A good leader is not someone who is really great; a good leader is someone who makes other people feel they are great when they are with him or her.

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