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10 Ways to Develop Your Personal Mantra

Our philosophies and principles help define who we are. We live by a set of rules and regulations we have created for ourselves derived from out life experiences.

  1. Develop perception. Some good things may not be what they seem, while some bad things can lead to good later
  2. Deviate. Question the established system. When everyone is going right, have the courage to go left.
  3. Don’t internalize failures. Just because you failed doesn’t mean you are a failure. Don’t internalise it, learn from it, and bounce back.Internalize Failures
  4. Be a good steward. Don’t leave anything worse than you first found it.
  5. Be optimistic. Worries are imaginary problems you create, than probably wont happen.Good Steward
  6. No envy. No fear. No meanness. Liam Clancy said this and Bob Dylan referenced this. It leads to happiness, courage, and morality.
  7. Get into other people’s shoes. Look at things from the other person’s perspective.Get into other people’s shoes
  8. Be a good listener. You can always learn something new and useful from everyone.
  9. Be hungry. If you are figuratively or literary hungry, you crave for more, making you more ambitious and making you work harder.Picture 1
  10. Balance. No matter what your condition is physically, financially, mentally, or socially, there will always be something better or worse. Balance is key.

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