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11 Dont’s of the Successful After A Hard Day’s Work

Yes, successful people do things differently than the rest. If you’re one of those who want to earn more and be more like the successful people, you may need to adopt their habits as soon as now. Successful people do different things before leaving the office because they understand that whatever they do impacts the rest of their productivity. They’re very strategic. They use the last 10 minutes to mitigate tasks because they know these last 10 minutes have significant impact the following morning. Successful people put importance on how they finish their day. You should too if you want to be successful. Here are the eleven don’ts of successful people during workday:

1. Make big decisions on a big project. Successful people leave important decisions for the next day when the brain’s power is at its optimum level. leave important decisions

2. Assign a new project. Successful people know that doling out on important things in a hurry would put the entire project at risk.

3. Get into another person’s drama. Successful people avoid becoming stressed out especially when they’re getting home.avoid becoming stressed out

4. Leave people hanging. They keep through their promises because they know it’s rude to keep someone waiting.

5. Leave a desk messy. Successful people work with a clear head. A cluttered working space the next day would be counter productive. keep through their promises

6. Leave without saying goodbye. Successful people understand that people easily take assumptions so they always put a good front even when they’re already bummed out.

7. Leave without checking next day’s schedule. Planning for the next day is key for successful people. They don’t like it when something scheduled surprises them.Calendar

8.  Send hasty emails. They really take time go through  emails over and again to make sure they send the right message.

9. Feel bad about missed to-do’s. They know Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s why they remind themselves of their wins.Feel bad about missed to-do's

10. Gossip. They know this is unhealthy.

11. Hang around. They understand the importance of the work-life balance so they leave at a decent hour.  Hang around

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