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12 Common Attributes of Billionaires

Only a small percent of the people in the world are millionaires. Meanwhile there are only 2,352 billionaires. Besides having tons of money, these billionaires have other traits in common.The_World's_2,325_Billionaires_Have-452e40aca07e4223699890fbb9d4c77c

Here are traits that billionaires have in common:

  1. An average billionaire would be worth $3
  2. Only one in every three million people on Earth are billionaires.
  3. Europe has 775 billionaires, which makes the old world the continent with the most billionaires on Earth.
  4. The United States of America has 571 billionaires, which means it has more billionaires than any other country in the world.US-billionaires-map-white-space1-e1393970035433
  5. 60 percent of billionaires are self-made.966801d88a6b8b321e3fd9e4cb378c57_XL
  6. 93 percent of the billionaires in the world are at least 45 years old, which means be patient if you want to become one.
  7. Each billionaire invests at least $160 million in real estate.
  8. They have non-real estate assets like a sports team, a racehorse team, yachts, art, and super cars.
  9. 65 percent of billionaires are married.ap_facebook_mark_zuckerberg_pricsella_chan_married_ll_120519_wblog
  10. Most billionaires went to Ivy League universities.alg-donald-trump-jpg
  11. 35 percent of billionaires, however, don’t have a college degree.
  12. 20 percent of billionaires started their career in Wall Street, or institutions like it.

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